Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joannie Rochette

I have been so touched by her story and her skating. Although I don't think she will win the gold medal, I will be watching her tonight. I admire her strength in deciding to skate after losing her mother only two days earlier. I could feel her grief. I guess you feel a connection with people sometimes through their struggles and loss. -And seeing her face and her father's after she finished so beautifully just broke me. I cried for her and for myself and the loss of my own mom. I miss her so very much everyday. And I hope she is proud of me. -Good Luck tonight Joannie and God Bless.


Sandra said...

I too cried when I saw her perform. If God would allow your mother to speak to you through me today, she would say how much she loves you VERY VERY much. She is more proud of you than you will ever know and for you to keep doing what you are now doing. You excel in so many things that would take most women a lifetime to learn. You have her blessings and God is and will use you more for His glory. Stay true!!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh Mrs. Sandra,
I can't begin to tell you how your kindness has touched my heart. Thank you, thank you. I really needed to hear that today. Bless you for ministering to my heart today. You are such an encouragement. :)