Friday, February 19, 2010

A Time of Testing

Well, the devil came at me with both barrels this week. Isn't it just that way, whenever you take a step toward God, the devil seems to come at you full force to knock you down on your rear? Well, I'm there, or was. I've since pulled myself up from the floor, dusted myself off and I'm moving forward.

Bloggyland, facebook and other social networks are great. But, you know how sometimes someone finds you, and you really weren't sure you wanted them to find you. Well, that happened to me this week. And my husband said maybe the Lord is testing you Tiff, to see if you have forgiven them or if you have any bitterness in your heart. Wow! OK, maybe I should pray about that. And I did. And I realized I have truly forgiven this person in my heart, but, I still don't completely trust them. And I wasn't sure why they wanted to be my friend. But, then I thought, well maybe they've changed. I certainly have since I knew them years ago. And they are taking a step toward you, and maybe that is sincere. I guess we will see. So, I'm taking a step out in faith that it is the right thing and that the Lord will honor that.

Then, the same day my sweet friend Mrs. Ann called and wanted to stop by. Her daughter was bringing her home from out of town, and she wanted to meet us, since Mrs. Ann talks about us all the time. They came by for a visit, and she even brought a little bear for Anna Grace. But, the whole visit was very awkward. She kept saying things like, "All I hear is Anna Grace this and Trey that..." or "Yeah, Molly, my daughter, says I know who your favorite gran-kids are, Trey and Anna Grace." As sweetly as she said it, I knew that it wasn't meant in kindness. Every word dripped with sarcasm. And I felt very uncomfortable, even though she was a guest in my home.

And then it happened.... In casual passing our ladies Bible study was mentioned, and I told Mrs. Ann that if she'd like to come this next week, I could pick her up. Well, her daughter immediately turned to me and said, "Yeah I keep telling my mom that if she keeps going with you, y'all are going to make her accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior." Then she looks at Mrs. Ann and says, "They're trying to get you mom." Then she immediately looks back at me and says, "We were raised Catholic."

I was so in shock, I was like is this really happening. Did she really come into my home and challenge me? For a second, I truly was at a loss for words. I smiled at her and was just about to say something, but, I felt like the Lord was saying, "It's not time." After all, she is a guest in your home and anything you say right now will probably offend her, even if you don't mean for it too. And you don't want to offend Mrs. Ann. So, I just kept smiling and tried to be a gracious hostess.

When they were leaving, she had another little snip for me. She said, "I keep telling my mom I don't know what she's going to do when you leave. I mean they're just going to forget her -(referring to my children.) And I looked straight at her and said, "No they won't." She tried to cut me off by saying that you know perfectly well... And I in turn cut her off and said, "No they won't, and let me tell you why. They don't really know their grandparents. They see them once a year, but, from the time they were six weeks old, I made a small book of pictures that I went over with them everyday. I would show them -this is your mimi. This is your paw-paw, and so on. And the first time they met them, they went straight to them as if they had always known them. They felt like they already had a relationship with them. (slight pause~) I will not forget her, and we will keep in touch, and they will know her. This time -she only smiled. But, I think I got my point across. I was quite surprised that she would come into my home and be so bold. But, I know my witness with Mrs. Ann was being tested, and beyond being raised right, I thank the good Lord for helping me to be gracious in that situation.

So, there you ole devil take that!


Susan said...

Thanks once again, Tiffany, for being so open and transparent. Ties right in with my post today!!! God has His purposes in EVERYTHING that He allows (not causes - but allows) to happen to us and touch us. My prayer is that God's full purposes are accomplished in this incident in the people involved. God judges our hearts and He knows your heart to HIM!!!!

Proud of you, once again, Tiffany.

Christy said...

I am SO proud of you for holding your tounge and listening to God. You responded to her with kindness even when she was attacking you.

Sandra said...

You handled that with love Tiffany. Even though you didn't see a good response from the daughter, the love you showed will abound not only in Ms. Ann, but in her daughter too. Love always wins and you passed this test. You get an A+.

Sarah Denley said...

Wow, I cannot imagine someone coming into my home and treating me that way. You were so gracious in the way you acted!

I have to say, I find it so weird that she said they were raised Catholic but was so antagonistic about her mother accepting Jesus as her personal savior.

My husband grew up Catholic and my in-laws still are and although I know in many Catholic churches there is probably not enough focus on a personal relationship with Christ, but I have never heard anyone act like that about it!

Maybe I missed something? That is beyond bizarre, IMO!

Tiffany said...

Sarah Denley- I know exactly what you are saying. I have family on my mom's side that are catholic, and they are all about Jesus! They've said before, as you pointed out, there wasn't much of a focus on a personal relationship with Christ as they were growing up. But, my aunt said there has been a move toward what they call a "charismatic renewal" in the church in the last 10 or 15 years. -This was all very nerve wracking. But, I have been in similar situations before. And I just ask for the Lord to give me the words He would have me to say. This time it just wasn't the right time or place to open the dicussion up more. But, there will be an opportunity. I know the Lord will provide the right time and the right place. I just have to wait. :)