Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Week in Pictures....

So this week I turned 33. And it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Which is saying a lot because I really didn't want to think about my birthday this year, much less celebrate it. I've been a little blue, and missing my mom something terrible this year. Last year was OK, but, this year has been hard. And this is how sweet my Lord is. He knew how much I needed my family and friends to pull me out of this slump. And did they ever come through. I am so very blessed with wonderful friends and a loving family!
My sweet friend Marci sent me a birthday package in the mail from Mississippi this last Friday! She and Shelia and I always send each other packages on our birthdays. But, this year it was such a nice surprise, because, I had forgotten about the journal we started last year. We are passing a journal back and forth between the 3 of us, writing each other letters and sharing scripture with one another. In it we share memories, and encourage one another. It was exactly the medicine I needed. It's always nice to know how much you mean to someone, and to be able to in turn tell them how much they mean to you.
Saturday morning, my sweet Datha treated me to brunch at Cracker Barrel! It was nice to catch up and have a little girl friend time just the two of us.
Up here in Ohio, CB is the closest thing I have to down home cookin. Sweet tea, fried or blackened catfish and yummy veggies are my usual. But, that morning we decided to have breakfast. I love the front porch and fireplace there too. It gives you such a warm fuzzy country home type feeling.
Forever Friends ~Datha and I
Then she treated me to a manicure! I love getting our nails done together. -so much fun! That night my sweet husband surprised me with a baby sitter (Mrs. Ann) and and a movie and dinner out on the town. This is huge, because this is only the second movie we've seen in the theatre since before our children we're born. We went to see ... The Blind Side and we ate at... AND I only ate half so I could try to stay on track with my diet this week.
Then, on my birthday, Tuesday, my sweet friend Mrs. Ann surprised me with a birthday cake, card and gift! She came over set everything up. And it was so nice because Hugh was off of work so our whole little family was there together! Trey , Anna Grace and I took turns blowing out the candles, and Mrs. Ann stayed for a slice of cake. She gave me the book above, Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit. Such a sweetheart! And that night Hugh and I spent some "alone time" together and watched the season premiere of our favorite show!
Then on Wednesday night, my ladies Bible study threw me a surprise birthday party! They invited all my girlfriends here in town and made it a tea party, hats and all. It was so much fun. I felt like I was five years old playing dress up.One of my best friends Heidi hosted the tea party at her home, and she and my friend Dawn made all the food, punch and hot tea for the occasion. Heidi's mother-in-law, my pastor's wife did all the decorations, and hats for the party. And Heidi used her husband's grandmothers china for the tea. Heidi, her husband Glen and their son. These are gifts from the girls. The roses are made of wood, and are from my friend Amanda. Missy gave me a new Beth Moore daily devotion and journal. And Heidi gave me a bracelet and earrings from Viva Beads. I had already received presents from Mrs. Ann, Datha and Dawn.And last but certainly not least, I am so so proud that after all this celebrating I still lost 2 pounds this week! WOO-HOO! I enjoyed every minute of this week, but I didn't go over board and praise the Lord, I still lost weight! God is so good! I feel like He orchestrated every part of this week for me. I'm claiming that as a birthday present from Him. I know He worked through my family and friends to LOVE on me! When we are faithful, He is so much more faithful to us! Can I get an AMEN! Hope y'all had a wonderful week as well! ~Blessings!


Susan said...

Isn't He wonderful!!! Yes, He blesses us with great family & great friends and HIMSELF. wow!!!
Love the tea setting. How gorgeous.

Ingram Gang said...

I love that your birthday was so special. You are beautiful at 33!

Sandra said...

Oh Tiffany, what a wonderful birthday!!!!! Those decorations were just gorgeous and so appropriate for the beautiful lady that you are. It's apparent that you are loved by a lot of people there.

You and my son are the same age!! He'll be 33 in August.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!

Christy said...

YAY!!! I am so glad that your family and friends made you feel special!
Congratulations on the weight loss!

QT PIE MOM 2 said...

You are my Sweetest friend!!! I am so happy you enjoyed your surprise!!