Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Personality Test

I found this by way of Susan at Penless Writer. It is from Tamara Lowe's Motivational DNA Test. Here is the Link where you can take the test yourself. My test revealed that....

My personality DNA is PVE (Production-Variety-External) The Champion

Champions enjoy a challenge and love to win. They are charming and enthusiastic leaders. Champions are natural persuaders. They don’t mind being the center of attention and are good at working with others while advancing their own ideas. Champions tend to be engaging and charismatic. They are skilled at getting things done in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In fact, obstacles just make tasks more interesting for a Champion. They are quick decision makers and can be impatient with those who are not. As solid negotiators, Champions are willing to compromise to get the job done. Champions have an innate ability to get others to follow their lead.

PVE Motivators: Challenging assignments, authority, profitability, freedom from supervision and control, opportunities for advancement, contests, public recognition, deadlines, calculated risk and popularity.

PVE De-Motivators: Strict controls, protracted analysis, “group think,” and deliberation without meaningful action

I like different tests like this. I think they're fun and often insightful. If you take the test let me know what your out come is in the comments below. Have a blessed day!

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Susan said...

Glad to see you took this! A Champsion indeed!!!!!