Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Harvesting Fruit

Last night was the best night our preschool Master's Club class has had all year long. We had eleven children in attendance, and they were all well behaved and very attentive durring the entire hour and a half. And I was so impressed with how well they were able to recall the last four lessons we've covered. Even my two year olds were answering questions. Praise the Lord some of it is actually staying with them and they are learning.

We have been talking about how God can use even little people like them to do great big things. They've been learning about how Jesus used a little boy's lunch of five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 people. And we have talked about David defeating the giant Goliath, and how God spoke to Samuel as a young boy. And last night we talked about how Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." They were such a joy to watch. They were on the edge of their seats listening and participating, singing their little hearts out and sharing colors. I can't express what joy it is to hear little voices recite scripture we've been working on. Thank you God for such precious moments. It makes all the work you put into it worth it, when you see them growing in the love of the Lord.

And as we were leaving one of the moms I invited to our ladies Bible study last week stopped me to say she will be coming tonight, and how excited she was because she never has a chance to get out. The Lord provided a baby sitter and she purchased the books and was reading to catch up to where we were in our study. Praise the Lord! I love that kind of excitement. It warms my heart and it's contagious! All the way home I was thanking the Lord because I have been praying for our group to grow in numbers and in strength.

And even better, when I got home, Mrs. Ann called and said she would like to come with me. SHE IS COMING TO BIBLE STUDY! Thank you Lord! I have been praying for Mrs. Ann for over a year now. I pick her up every month for a Christian ladies luncheon here in town. Every month they have a singer, special feature, and special speaker that shares their testimony. After this last month Mrs. Ann told me that maybe she might come to our ladies Bible study, but, she was intimidated because she has never read the Bible. I reminded her that our speaker had just shared that she also had never read the Bible before, and had been in the church her whole life. It wasn't until she accepted Christ as her personal savior that she had the desire to read it and study it for her self. I think that all this got her to thinking more about it. And I'm so happy she has decided to come even if her family is giving her grief about it. This is going to be a wonderful night!

You know this is just a confirmation to me that the Lord knows your heart and He honors our faithfulness to Him. The devil can use others to try and tear you down, but, He knows the motives of our hearts.

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Susan said...

No pure act of our heart toward others in Jesus name is ever in vain.

I believe the addition of the new mother to your group is a direct result of your faithfulness in your stand with Mrs. Ann and the incident you posted about prior :o)