Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Late...

but, better late than never...

(a recap of last week.....)
I love having fresh flowers around the house. This was something I bought to brighten up our home and bring a little Spring indoors. And it was only $3.99.
Eye candy~ my guilty reading pleasure right now.
Dino delight for the kids. We have been reading and talking about dinosaurs this month. So, I fixed them a special meal one night of Dino shaped chicken nuggets with fruits and veggies. -I got the place mats, trays and cups for the kids last year at Target.
Sharp tooths and three horns. Well, we have meat for the carnivores, and fruits and veggies for the herbivores. (hee-hee)
And for the adults we have homemade, low fat sloppy Joe's, which were actually more savory than the kind you get from a can. I've never been a fan of sloppy Joe's (too sweet,) but, my hubby loves them, so I tried a recipe from my friend Heidi, who is doing the with me.
I'm channeling pioneer woman....
ground turkey packed with veggies. I'll have to post the recipe. It was really good, and under 300 calories on a weight watchers bun. Ahh sweet success! You can have your cake and eat it too. -Or should I say sloppy Joe.
Our little learning corner. Art-check, environmental print-check, bible scripture-check, early learning math with patterns and numbers-check.
Hallway and the door to their room where I display a lot of their art work and memory verses.
Watching baby girl play with numbers and letters on her magnetic dry erase board.
This was done in Sunday school...
This I did with the kids here at home.

This was done in children's church. They are so proud of their work, and I am so very proud of them. There is no greater treasure than the little lives God entrusts into our keeping. And to help them grow in the love of the Lord is the greatest accomplishment and reward a mother could ever have. What a joy and blessing!


Sandra said...

You are really a busy mother and wife. Everything looks great! I liked the plate of food for your children. I'll have to try that mixed fruit like you had with my grand-daughter. Can't wait for the recipe for sloppy joes.

Ingram Gang said...

I love that you display so much artwork. Looks like everyone is having so much fun!
I recently changed my blog URL, you should be able to link to it from here if you want.
I like catching up.

p.s. I loved the Box Car Children, too!

Tiffany said...

Ashley! I'm so glad you're still with us! I kept clicking on your link and it was saying the blog doesn't exist. I thought oh no she went private or quit and I missed it. I'm going over now to catch up on all I've missed!

winstead family said...

what an awesome mom you ARE!!!!!!