Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Read to me Wednesday

Hosted by Sarah Denley.
Here are my picks of the week:

These are two books we have been enjoying here at home the past couple of weeks. The colors are vibrant, and I love the rhyme and rhythm of the text. In the Tall Tall grass is told from the viewpoint of a caterpillar, and In the Small Small Pond is told from the viewpoint of a frog. They are both great to add to your Spring or up coming Summer reading. Not only are my children enjoying the various animals and insects, but it has sparked their desire to explore outdoors. Just the other day they sought out a fuzzy black and brown caterpillar in our back yard. -I love books that you not only enjoy reading, but, inspire you to take a closer look at the world around you. It just makes learning more fun. Check these books out. I promise you won't be disappointed. ~Blessings!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Medical School Part 2

Moving to Ohio for internship was a bit more challenging. I would like to say I was all on board with it, and excited to experience a new place. (That would be the pep talk I kept giving myself. -New place, exciting new experiences, right? I can do this. It will be fun, a new adventure.) Well, I was trying to will myself to believe it anyway.

No, I was having a gigantic pity party for myself that went something like this. Lord, can't you help us out here. Haven't we been through enough losing my daddy and Neal and Papa? We just want to be closer to home. Is that too much to ask. Why are we going to Ohio? I mean, could we get any farther away, Lord? -But, it was all a part of His plan. I just didn't know it yet.

I think I was just struggling with a little depression. I couldn't find a job teaching music or gifted education, I missed my daddy, my mom had sold our home and moved to Arizona near my aunt and uncle and started dating. -Yeah, I was struggling a bit. I was over whelmed and just wanted to stand still for a second. I needed something good to happen.

Eventually things settled down and we were able to start making our home in the community. I found a job at Hope Children's Academy, which offered both child care and preschool. I started teaching music, Spanish, and multi-cultural diversity. And I met my first friend, Datha. She was working in the infant room. We were instant friends. In fact, I brought her in as my assistant when I moved to Kidz by the Riverside to start the preschool program there. And she and her husband helped us find a little rental house right next door to them that happened to be 200 dollars cheaper than the duplex we were currently living in. Here is a picture of our little home.

Hugh really enjoyed the hospital and staff he was working with so we decided to stay put for residency. He also considered pediatrics for a short time, but ended up going back to emergency medicine. He spent several rotations in pediatric emergency medicine, but he said it was brutal and depressing and for someone who doesn't have kids.

He really has worked with some amazing physicians while we've been here. Dr. Shiley for instance was a surgeon who was able to diagnose my non functioning gallbladder and successfully remove it. She also saved our son's life. I was only two weeks along in my pregnancy, when I went in for my gallbladder surgery. I didn't even know I was pregnant. They were prepping me for surgery, when they came in to tell me some good news and some bad news. The bad news was they couldn't do my surgery, but the good news was I was pregnant. I was in total shock, and I even thought they were playing a trick on me for a few seconds. Then I looked at Hugh and saw how excited he was and I knew. Long story short, my gallbladder attack got so bad Dr. Shiley thought I might miscarry, so she brought in an OB/GYN and a special Anesthesiologist to assist her in the surgery. I stayed with that OB/GYN, Dr. Barber, through out both my pregnancies.

Dr. Barber was heaven sent. He saved both of my childrens' lives. He reminded me of my dad. He was a military man, a colonel, who served in Iraq. He was very no nonsense and by the book, but I trusted him completely. I can't tell you how important that was to me. He took time with us, and he made sure we understood everything. When I ended up in the hospital because I developed asthma in my pregnancy, he checked on me everyday, along with my family physician, and pulmonologist. And when it got worse with my second pregnancy, all three of them sat down with me in the hospital room and talked to me about the high risks involved with any subsequent pregnancies. My son went into distress while I was in labor and he was very calm when he told me, I was going to have to have an emergency C-section. Having him so calm kept me calm. He delivered Trey safe and sound, even though his umbilical cord was double wrapped around his neck. And as weird as it may sound, Anna Grace was the exact same way, double wrapped. It took them almost two minutes to get her breathing. -I am not meant to have a natural birth. It's just not in the cards for me. I remember joking with him that he couldn't go back to Iraq before delivering Anna Grace, because he was coming up on another tour of duty. But, I am so glad he was there to deliver her, as well. I truly believe God put him in our path.
Dr. Barber and Trey

Dr. Barber and Anna Grace 16 months later. :)

We also have wonderful pediatricians. They are a husband wife team. Here are Dr. Pete and Dr. Z with the babies.

The Lord is known as our Great Physician. I don't think it is by accident or coincidence that He placed these wonderful and talented physicians in our lives at just the right time. His timing is perfect, even when it is beyond our understanding. There have been a lot of things along this journey I haven't completely understood. It's hard to wrap my mind around how "things" mysteriously have fallen into place, but it is by the grace of God. I am sure of that much. Thankfully, He has let me in on pieces of the puzzle along the way like the moments I shared with my momma the morning of the day she passed away.

I'm going to continue with that part of our journey next time. Until then, Blessings my dear friends!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Medical School

Lately, I've been thinking about nearing the end of our long journey through medical school and residency. Hugh and I can hardly believe that it is almost here. There have been many challenges and a lot of changes along the way. I'm so thankful that through it all, we've had each other and the good Lord to cling to. Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

We were barely married a year when we got the news that Hugh had been accepted into medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in KC, MO. We left our home in Mississippi and all we had ever known to embark on a this new adventure together. We were very close to our family, and spent a lot of time with them. It was a little sad in the beginning to think about being eight or nine hours away from them. But, I think looking back on it now, it was a good thing. It made us rely more on each other, and grow even closer together. A little scary, but very exciting time.

Hugh's dad and step mom helped us move up to KC, MO. We rented a truck, packed it up and we were on our way. We had gone up together ahead of time, just the two of us and found a place to live. After we were settled in, Hugh's mom and grandmother flew up for the White Coating ceremony. They were our first official visitors.

Hugh's first year in medical school I held down three jobs in order to help us make it through. I taught school during the week, taught private voice lessons after school, and worked at Harolds down on the plaza most nights and weekends. I also served on committees for our S.A.A. auxiliary chapter at Hugh's medical school. As, I mentioned before, we were there to help the students and promote the school within the community.

Our second year, I let go of my job at Harolds. I started selling Taste of Gourmet (which is based in my home town) to try to make up the difference, and I accepted the position of presidency for the S.A.A. chapter at Hugh's medical school. Staying busy helped me not to sit around and focus on how busy Hugh was, and how much time we did or did not get to spend together. And it was nice to feel like I was contributing.

Medical school was not as bad as everyone had scared me into believing it was going to be. I was lucky that Hugh made it a point to keep a weekly date night with me. We always made dinner together, and watched Friends and E.R. on Thursday nights. And I made it a point to surround myself with other wives who were supportive of their husbands and didn't complain all the time. When I had times that I felt a little down, I reminded myself that I knew what I was getting into, that this was all part of it, and it wouldn't last forever. And it helped that God blessed me with really great friends there and I had a wonderful job, teaching.

Teaching in North Kansas City school district was the most positive teaching experience I've had yet. There weren't any music positions open, so I taught Gifted education while I was there, and took graduate courses to earn my masters in this area. My first year I traveled between three schools, but, my second year I had my own classroom. I taught four out of five days and then spent one day lesson planning and conferencing or collaborating with other teachers. Ideal situation. Seriously, it was a dream job. The staff, the school were all so supportive and wonderful to work with. When my daddy passed away suddenly a few days before Thanksgiving, they all rallied around me. The assistant director of the SAGE department even stepped into my place for the last two days before the Thanksgiving holiday so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a substitute.

Unfortunately, Hugh and I lost five family members within the first six years of our time in medical school. His step dad, my daddy, his grandfather, and then my uncle and momma within a month of one another. It was rough. But, the Lord brought us through it all.

The third and fourth years are internship years where the students rotate each month through different specialties at different hospitals. There is more than one medical school in Kansas City, so the hospitals and doctors in the area can not accommodate all the students. KCUMB has what they call a match up. Each student picks their top three choices of where they would like to be their third and fourth year, and the school tries to match them up accordingly. Well, we are somewhat at the end of the alphabet, and by the time they got to us, none of our choices were left. There were three choices left. One in south Missouri, and the other two were here in Ohio. We wanted Missouri, but, someone got it before we could pick it as our choice. Both of our mothers were recently widowed and we tried to petition the board to help us to be closer to home, but, in the end, it's just not what the Lord had planned for us. So, off to Ohio we went.

At this point, I think I need another post to share all the reasons the Lord revealed to us along the way of why He had brought us here to Ohio. So, until then....~Blessings my friends!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Honesty and Master of Friendship Awards

I was awarded the Honest Scrap award by my sister, Demetria a while back and Sarah Denley just tagged me for the Karate Master of Friendship award, so I thought I'd combine the two here.

I wrote 10 honest things about myself a while back. You can read about it here if you like. I thought I'd do it a little different this time around. So, here it goes....

1. I choose to see the best in others unless they prove me otherwise.
2. I love deep meaningful discussions.
3. I love learning new things from those around me. For example, my friend Datha is the most wonderful care giver I have ever met. She is so nurturing and loving. I know I've said it before, but, when we had the opportunity to work together I gained a lot of insight into this side of her. We posses very different views on classroom management and our philosophy of education. She believes whole hearted in not pushing a child and allowing them to be little while they are. She approaches teaching from a self discovery aspect, and learn through play. I approach teaching in a much more structured way. Instead of being threatened by our differences, I chose to let the Lord use her to grow me in this area.
4. I am awed by people who seem to have a balance of both gentleness and grace, especially when faced with disheartening circumstances or confrontational people. (Mrs. Sandra, I hope you don't mind my bragging on you.) I found an excellent example of this in her post here.
5. If you look hard enough and wait long enough, I believe that people will show you who they really are. I love the following quote: Your actions speak so loudly, I can't hear a word you are saying.
6. I am a very all or nothing type of person. If I can't do something 100% then I don't want to do it at all, and often times won't.
7. It amazes me how organized and structured I was when I was teaching. My classroom was always clean and everything in it's place before I left for the day. Everything was prepared ahead of time, turned in on time and ran smoothly. I was almost to the point of being anal about it. Then I had children. Being a stay at home mom changed me in so many ways. I am so much more flexible. My house has never been as clean as my classroom, and that's the one thing I struggle with, but, it's not my top priority. I would rather have a happy home than a clean house. For now I just accept that I live in a world of beautiful chaos. On any given day you can walk into my home and there are toys on the floor, finger paintings on the wall, laundry to be folded at the foot of the couch, and dishes in the sink. -It's called real life.
8. I can be very silly and other times way too serious.
9. Hugh has always said my friends don't all go together, but, I love having many different types of friends.
10. I honestly can not think of one more thing to be honest about.

Here are the rules for the award:
-List 6 things you are a master in.
-Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship and make blogging awesome.
Since this is a friendship award, I am going to focus on the aspects of friendship that I am good at.
1. I am very encouraging.
2. I am also very loyal to those I love and care about.
3. I am some what of a mother bear when it comes to my friends and family. I am very protective. If you hurt someone I love, we will have problems.
4. I am good at listening.
5. I am not too proud or ashamed to say I'm sorry when I am wrong, or have hurt someone I love unintentionally. I would never, never knowingly hurt someone I love.
6. I enjoy helping or doing something special for my sweet friends!
If you would like to tag the following friends...
Rachel (private bog)
Ashley I
Mrs. Sandra
Mrs. Susan
I look forward to reading all about you and what you are working to master in your life or have already mastered. ~Blessings!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neon Sign or Burning Bush

Have you ever asked God to send you a neon sign? Have you ever desperately cried out, "Lord, which way do I go?" Well we have. In fact, Hugh actually said one night back in January, "I wish God would just send down a neon sign that would tell us where to live. Here is the house I have for you." I realize buying a house may not seem earth shattering to some. But, it is a huge decision, and we were making it for the first time. And more importantly, we don't want to make a decision of that magnitude that is going to affect our whole family with out knowing that it is what the Lord has for us. What is His will for our family. Where does He want us to live. What does He want us to do with our finances?

We started looking at houses online around this time last year. We stalked, I mean followed a few of our favorites for several months, until we got to go down and look for ourselves during the Christmas holidays. We saw close to 30 houses in 5 days while we were there. And yes, it all started running together.

There was this one house that I had liked from the very beginning, before we ever went down, and as soon as I saw it, I fell totally in love with it. It was every bit as beautiful as I had imagined it would be from the few pictures we saw online. Hugh even liked it. In fact, it was the only house we both liked. So we decided to make a bid on it. I was ecstatic. But, later that night, I had the most foreboding feeling about our decision every time I thought about it, and I couldn't understand why. Something in the pit of my stomach just wasn't right. So, I prayed and asked God to help me understand why in the world I was feeling this way. And I truly felt like He was saying, "STOP. Don't do anything." I told Hugh what I was feeling and he was also having second thoughts and just didn't feel right about the decision. He told me he couldn't believe I was actually saying I felt the same way, because he knew how much I was in love with the house. And I told him, "I know, that's why I think this is from God, because there is nothing in me that doesn't want this house. But, I couldn't ignore this feeling. Have you ever had that panic ed feeling in the pit of your stomach that says, "Go and check on the children. Go now!" And you get there just in time before someone gets hurt. Some people will tell you that is a mother's intuition. I believe it is the hand of God. And I believe that's what it was, His Holy Spirit trying to impress upon us to sit tight. And so we did, with no further direction from God. I mean we felt nothing. Which is what led Hugh to wish for his neon sign or burning bush or what ever way God would choose to speak to us. And does He even speak to people like that anymore. Well, we would soon find out.

Fast Forward a few months. I had left the dream of that house behind, because I felt like His answer was no. I didn't realize His answer was wait. Last month, in March my friend Shelia was on spring break. She is a teacher. And it was also the week of her birthday. She traveled from Brandon up to Senatobia where her sister lives to spend a couple days and celebrate her birthday. They went to dinner at a local hibachi grill, and ended up at the same table as the couple who owned the house. They got to talking and realized they were both adoptive parents. Shelia adopted her son from Guatemala, and this couple is in the process of adopting a little girl from China. She is also pregnant and due with their son in June. She told Shelia that they were in Senatobia for a doctors' appointment. She said they were actually from Batesville, but, she really liked this one doctor there in Senatobia. It did make her nervous however that he might not make in time if she had a quick labor. Shelia told her, "Well, I have a doctor friend moving to your area. I'll have to give you his number in case you have any trouble." To which she replied, "Oh really, we have a house for sale if he is interested." -Do you see where this is going? Could it all be coincidence? Hmmm...did our friend just travel 150 plus miles and end up at the same table, at the same restaurant with this couple who owned the house we had wanted to buy? Before the couple left, the told Shelia no less than three times to tell us to just make them an offer. They have another house they want to buy in Memphis and they want to move into it by June before the baby comes. Is it just a coincidence that Hugh's residency ends here in Ohio in June? -She even told Shelia that if she could sell us her house, she'd give her the commission for it. Coincidence? Or was the Lord's hand in this from the very beginning? Was this our burning bush, or our neon sign? I don't know about you people, but, it gives me chills, and I'm claiming it. I believe that we asked the Lord earnestly from our hearts to guide our decision, and He didn't just show up, He showed up in a big way. Can I get a big ole AMEN?!

I'm going to do a couple of follow up posts on our story and how it has unfolded, and I want to share pictures. And I want to share about our beautiful little rental we've called home here for the last five years. I'm going to miss it. We brought both of our babies home from the hospital to this sweet little home, and it's going to be hard to say goodbye. Until then, I'll leave you with a snippet of what is to come.
The foyer! Of course this is not our furniture. :) ~Blessings!

Monday, April 12, 2010

We Have a House!!!!!

I am so excited to finally announce that after many months of searching, seeking and prayer, we finally have a house. Woo-Hoo!!!! And all I have to say is Lord help me I had no clue how hard buying a house for the first time could be. But, I will share more on that later. I couldn't wait any longer to share a picture of our new home. We're going to home owners! Can you believe it?!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

She's got Style!

Ashley tagged me for this fun little questionnaire. It's all about Style Dahhhling. Are you a stylish girl? I used to associate being stylish with being trendy. Some people are so good at staying with the cutting edge. I am not one of them. Never have been. I've always said I was born a few decades too late. I enjoy a clean, crisp classic style. Simple yet elegant. But, I think if your sense of fashion expresses your personality and how you carry yourself or present yourself, then you have a certain sense of style. I feel very drawn to the classic designs of Chanel and Valentino.

Who is your style icon?
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

She was so graceful and elegant. But, not in a flashy glamorous kind of way. There was nothing about her that said sex. And I love that. Yet, she had impeccable taste. It wasn't just about her fashion sense. She was cultured and refined. She was intelligent and confident and that came across in the way she carried herself. And yet there is also a sense of mystery about her. She was intensely private about her family life, and extremely guarded and protective when it came to her children.

I've read so much about her, and I just feel a kinship with her. We both had budding careers that we set aside in order to embrace family life. She was very supportive of her husband professionally, as am I. She used her knowledge of history, culture, and art to bring a little beauty to the world around her. I love the renovations and new life she brought into the White House for the short time it was their home. Here are some of my favorite quotes by her.

- I always wanted to be some kind of writer or newspaper reporter. But after college... I did other things.
- If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.
-There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all.
-I want to live my life, not record it.

What is your favorite party theme?
This is a hard one, but, anyone who knows me, knows I love to plan a good party. I started young. I used to love making party invitations on my dad's computer to invite my girlfriends over for slumber parties. And I was the first in my small town to rent our local scout hut and hire a D.J. for my birthday. I attending public school at that time and I invited people from both the public and private school to come, which was a first. Some were friends and some were friends of friends, but, it all worked out really nice. Later the dances and parties got bigger and I would get a band to come and play. (side note: They were always non-alcoholic, chaperoned events.)

Where were we, oh yeah themes...hmmm...I love planning and putting together the perfect birthday party for my children. But, I am also looking forward to hosting formal dinner parties in our new home. Not all the time mind you. I think the Lord has other plans in mind for us. I want us to be good stewards with what He entrusts with us financially. I have a friend, whom is a chef in Memphis. I used to be apart of the wait staff at his restaurant, as well as, for outside catered events. We catered the dinner for King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain when they came for the Majesty of Spain exhibit in Jackson. I think it was around that time that fine dinning and entertaining really became a passion of mine. I enjoyed not just learning about the food itself, but, the beauty of the presentation, how to pair food with other food and wine, and the formality of the settings and service. It makes a meal an event.

What is your favorite socialite literature series or book?
I have not read much in this area. I guess I would have to say Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton. It was very surreal and quite sad. She lived a very lavish and decadent life, but, she never found happiness. Another example of how all the money and fame in the world can't buy you happiness.

What is one extravagance you can not live with out?
Art. Visual and performing arts. And I've found that this is a luxury you can afford on a very limited budget. Whenever we move to a new city, I search out what the area has to offer in the way of the arts. I love to visit free art museums, in and outdoor concerts, and gardens. I also love to visit the cultural art fairs in our area, such as the Greek, Italian and Irish festivals we have here.

A living person you admire most.
I most admire people who are unashamed and very open about their love for the Lord. People who are genuine and kind, and have a contagious joyfulness about them. -That is what I strive to be like. To be able to draw people into who He is and how wonderful it is to be in His presence and know Him deeply.

What is your greatest fear? Feeling helpless and out of control. Being over whelmed by my emotions and grief and not having or knowing a healthy way to express it. Every time I am faced with this I pray that the Lord will help to heal my heart and give me a portion of His peace that will help me to face it and move forward. I pray that the Lord will not so much give me understanding into why this has all happened, as much as, He will reveal to me what He is trying to teach me through it. How is He trying to grow me? Trusting in His sovereignty and the fact that He has the whole picture and knows what is best for us is comforting to me.

Which talent would you most like to have? I really just wish that I had the diligence and discipline to fully develop the God given talents I already have. I want to use what God has given me to bring Him honor and glory. I want Him to be able to use me in order that I am a blessing to Him and a blessing to others. For example, I've been singing for years. My parents always encouraged it and tried to help me develop my talent in that area. My dad, bless his heart, always said he wanted me to be a teacher or a country singer. Well, a country singer I am not. I'm not very good with main stream. I'm a classical singer. That's where I found my niche when I was a performance major in college. But, when both of my parents died I sang at their funerals and then I stopped singing. I tried a few times but, I just couldn't do it. I had lost my joy in it for a while, and I needed a little time to heal. I just recently started back singing and I've lost so much. Like anything else, if you don't use it you will lose it. Not completely, but, it would take me nine months to a year of hard work everyday to get me back to where I was. And that makes me kind of sad. But, it's just the cold hard truth of it. And practicing an hour a day everyday seems so out of reach at this point in my life with two little ones. But, at least I found my joy again. And that is a start.

What is your greatest achievement? My husband and children are my greatest blessings in life. And as for achievements, well, the Lord has placed many opportunities in my path along the way that I am grateful for. I enjoyed working and have fond memories and goals I'm proud to have achieved at each job I've held. And I think one of the things I'm most proud of was receiving the Donna Jones Moritsugu Award given to me by the American Osteopathic Foundation and Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. It was a total surprise and it made me feel so much apart of this journey through medical school that Hugh and I have been on. I received it at the awards banquet when we went down for Hugh's graduation from medical school, which also just happened to be on the night of our fifth wedding anniversary. So, that made it even more special. The award is given to a non student for their support of their family, the college and the osteopathic profession. I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the president of the S.A.A. chapter on campus while we were in Kansas City, which is the auxiliary made up of family members , mostly wives of the medical students. The auxiliary was much more than a social club or sorority. We helped the students with projects such as Score One For Health, where the second year medical students went to several public elementary schools in the area to provide free health screenings. We also held a dinner every month for families with children in the NICU at a local hospital. We provided a home cooked meal, and a speaker, a former parent whom had had a child there and could give advice and lend support. Sometimes they even brought their children so the parents could see how well their children had progressed. It provided a lot of hope and reassurance. These are just some of the examples of our involvement within the school and community. And I was proud to be apart of it and serve as their president.

I would like to tag Demetria, since she is the most stylish lady I know. And also Heidi, Jenny and Ashley I. If anyone else would like to play along let me know. I'd love to read yours as well. ~Blessings!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

This is Heidi's daughter and one of my little sweet hearts I teach every Monday night in Master's Club at church. This last week, we read the Parable of the Lily and made Easter Lilies out of the children's hand prints. This is the most precious picture!
On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Ann came to make Easter cookies with the kids. She is such a doll. She used her very own sugar cookie recipe, handed down from her grandmother. She was so good with the children.
Such a natural! She is going to be such a good little helper in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe cooking is in her future.
The girls -visiting while they decorate their cookies.
Sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle. Anna Grace thinks decorating is the best part.
Eggs, bunnies and chicks fresh out of the oven. Aren't they beautiful? I think they did such a great job for their first time. There were sprinkles and flour everywhere when we were done, but, they had a blast, and that's all that matters.
Easter Basket complete with chocolate candy and peeps! This is Trey's basket. He asked for Zurg from Toy Story, so that's from his daddy and I. He was also excited about his Lion King pez. The lamb to the left was Hugh's when he was a child.
Anna Grace's basket. She asked for a baby doll, but was very excited about her pink Zuzu pet and Hello Kitty pez. It was so sweet to see the smiles and surprise on their faces. :)
Hugh and I dyed eggs with Trey and Anna Grace for the very first time this year. And he wrote their names on one they each picked out.
Precious memories! I'm glad we had fun together as a family, even though I wasn't feeling my best. It was a wonderful Easter weekend.
Hunting for eggs. Trey asked his daddy if we were going to hunt eggs with a gun. I had to explain to him we were hunting as in searching for them, like hide and go seek. :D He decided that was ok, but, he can't wait to go to Mississippi and hunt a deer with his paw-paw and his daddy.

Baby girl found her a pink egg. Can you tell pink is her favorite color? She enjoyed hunting the Easter eggs so much she cried when we found them all. So, we hid them again, just for her. -Then we took them inside and Hugh peeled one for each of us, and we ate one for a snack. Trey loved them. Anna Grace, not so much.
This is Easter bread. It's a huge tradition here. Mrs. Ann brought us some. It tastes like fresh home made bread with a hint of peppermint.
Our neighbors! Ben, Mykayla, and Owen. I can't believe how much they've grown since we've moved here. O-man was 9 months old when Datha and I started working together and became friends. Wow, how times flies. We are enjoying some time with them this week since they are on Spring Break. My friend Datha and I at her son, Owen's birthday party. Thank you Lord for dear friends you have put in my life! And thank you Lord for a wonderful week with family and friends!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Under the Weather

I hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! I would have like to have posted something special for Holy Week, but, I've been struggling with kidney stones. Yes, more than one. Five to be exact. I have five kidney stones, three of which are too large to pass, and will have to be blasted in order to break them up to be small enough for me to pass. I'm really looking forward to that. -Just kidding. So, I haven't been myself this last week. Everyday has been like a roller coaster, up and down. I've been for tests and blood work, and I'm just so tired. I covet your prayers at this time. I go for more tests tomorrow.

We did have a wonderful Easter, and I thank the good Lord for that. We went to church together as a family. Hugh didn't have to work, praise the Lord! Then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. When we got home we had our very first Easter egg hunt. Hugh and I helped the kids dye eggs the night before and we just had a blast watching them. They had so much fun. Trey actually asked Hugh if we were going to "hunt" the eggs with a gun. We almost cried laughing. He is so ready to go to paw-paw's house and hunt a deer with his daddy and paw-paw. And Anna Grace, bless her little heart started crying when we found all the eggs, because she was having so much fun, she wanted to find more. So, we hid them again and had a second egg hunt. We also got to do Easter Lily crafts at Master club, and make Easter cookies with Mrs. Ann earlier in the week. I'll share pictures later for this week in pictures. I'm going to go and rest for a while and take the kids outside. It's a lovely day. God Bless you all.