Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeds of Worship

I have to share! I am in love with Seeds Family Worship CDs right now.

There are six CDs in all.

Seeds of Faith

Seeds of Praise

Seeds of Courage

Seeds of Purpose

The Power of Encouragement

and their newest which will be out May 3rd...but you are welcome to pre-order now...

Seeds of Character

I have three, and I just ordered three more to finish our collection. I love this ministry, not only can you use it to plant the seeds of God's word in the hearts of our little ones, but, you can share God's word with others at the same time. Each Cd comes as a set of two with a perferated edge that you can tear off to give one of the CDs to a friend or neighbor. Don't you just love that?! I mean who does that? That's completely awesome! What a creative and unique way to open a door to share the gospel with others, or to encourage a friend who is trying to raise their little ones in the love of the Lord. I shared my first three copies with my friend and neighbor Katie. ~OK Katie, we so need a new picture of us together;)
The Lord knew I was going to need a friend/neighbor like Katie, because I was absolutely spoiled having Datha next door for five years, and she is such a sweetheart. We share a lot of mommy advice with each other and try to encourage and pray for one another. She blessed me with this earlier this last month as we were pulling out all our books for the Spring and Easter season. So, I wanted to share this blessing with her. My kids are loving it. We have a 30 minute drive to school evry morning and this is a perfect way to start our day. I love to hear them sing, but, more than that they are learning scripture. It's a beautiful thing! I wanted to leave you with a song from my favorite album so far The Power of Encourgement.

If I can't seem to get it to play here in this post -it will be in a seperate post...
Be Blessed!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


After searching and praying for 9 months now, we finally have a church home. We have been visiting churches in two towns close to us, and praying for the Lord to show us where He wants us to serve. I have been so anxious to put down roots and have a church family again. We joined a church yesterday, on Palm Sunday. The children led most of the service in praise and worship, waving palm branches as they came in singing. It was beautiful.

This last Sunday, after church and lunch, as I was doing dishes and trying to tidy up around the house, my son came to me and said, " Momma, I want to tell Jesus I love him. I want to tell him I love him and thank him for dying on the cross for us." I stopped and sat down with him to pray. Listening to him pray, I was filled with so many emotions. I was so happy for him. I was so proud of him, and yet I was heart broken at the same time. As Easter draws near and I think about what this time of year means, for us as Christians. It is so bittersweet. I'm thankful and filled with sorrow all at the same time. It's hard to look at the pain He endured. It's even harder to face the sin in your life that put Him there. I'm moved beyond words at how much He loved us. We are no longer captives to sin and death, but, set free through the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most beautiful thing to see your children come to understand and fall in love with Jesus. I pray that he falls in love with Him more and more everyday. I pray that he will allow Him to become not only his savior, but, his Lord. I'm so thankful that the Lord allowed me to share this moment with my son. What a special blessing for this Easter season.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, hello again. ;) I've kinda missed ya. It's been busy (life as usual...) and there are so many times I've wanted to steal a few minutes away to sit down and write, but, I just haven't had a free moment to sit still it seems. Except for that week (Spring Break) where we were all sick as a dog here at home. That was fun, just kidding. Besides that we have been spring cleaning and planting new flowers and azalea bushes in our front yard. I've been looking for outdoor furniture for our cabana and pool area out back. I've also been hunting for the perfect big boy bed for Trey. I still haven't found it. I have a folder of pictures and fabric swatches that are the inspiration of where I want to go with his room. My sweet sister Dememtria is painting Anna Grace's furniture for her room. I can not wait to see how it turns out. We are using the furniture I had while growing up. I kept the set at my mother in law's home when our family home sold after daddy passed. I'm so glad I did. She loves it and it's nice that I can share something of my childhood with her. Hugh and I purchased the most gorgeous antique bed right before Christmas, and I can't wait to get our bedding for that as well. I have projects going everywhere. It's exciting and a bit daunting all at the same time. I'm the kind of person who loves organization. I'm so a Martha Stewart wanna be. When we started our spring cleaning I decided that it was time to cull out and let go of alot of things. If we aren't going to use it and it's just going to go into a box then it needs to go, with the exception of seasonal decorations, pictures, and a few keepsakes. I desperately want everything simplified. I feel like there's room to breath when everything is simplified and in it's place. If I can just keep it all that way once it's done. That is the frustrating part. I'm still in the stage of fixing up our house, and I'm ready to just "Live" in it and have it feel like home. I feel like everything ran so smoothly when we were living in Ohio. I had my routine just the way I wanted it. I know it's just going to take time for everything to feel that way here. I wish I could share better pictures, but I can only share the ones I have on my iphone, because our computer can only hold a few more pictures. All the storage is taken up on it right now. We have tried to delete older pictures we have saved and backed up, but it won't seem to let us do that right now soooo..... here are a few from my phone. This is a little bench we just got for the front porch. Now, I can sit outside in the morning and have coffee, or read and watch the kids play in the afternoon. There is a flower box below each of the windows on the front of our house. They were here when we bought the house, but I think they were used more for decoration, because they were empty. The first warm Sunday afternoon we had I went to Lowe's and bought flowers for the front. I think I planted something like 82 flowers that day and it was such a joy. I love flowers and I love gardening. It makes me feel good to add something beautiful to our home and it brings back sweet memories of my momma. I planted red Dianthus along the back and white Scopia, which is a trailing flower, in the front. I love the Fleur de lis on the front of each box that ties in with the bench I just purchased. I'll have to take pictures of the Scarlet Flame Moss Phlox I planted, as well as, the azaleas. For now, I'm off to clean the house. Love to all my bloggy friends! Hope you are enjoying a little bit of Spring.