Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Thanks Challenge 2010 ~ #3 & 4


3. I'm thankful for solitude, a chance to steal away a few moments of peace and quiet. I don't know about you, but, that is not easy to come by for this momma. In the raising of a three and four year old there are times when the house is filled with the sweet sounds of laughter, children playing and music. There are also other times when the air is filled with the noise of fighting, screaming, the crashing of toys and the calling of my name (well, the calling for momma anyway.) I was not raised with any siblings so I am not accustomed to the love/hate relationship that lies between them. Hugh keeps telling me to pick my battles and that I need to let them work it out sometimes instead of correcting every little thing, but I can't help myself. Can't we just all get along?! "Please be kind to each other. That was not very nice. Say you're sorry," is what I find myself constantly saying. And then sometimes it's turns into "Stop it! Now that is enough." "Sigh." Parenting is a daunting task at times. I take what my husband says to heart, but, I often find there is a delicate balance between picking your battles and staying consistent. It is in those moments that I desire nothing more than complete silence so I can collect my thoughts, and pray for direction and my attitude.

I guess I'm showing my age by saying so. I used to love noise. The more people, the louder the music the better. I felt energized being surrounded by it. Now it's draining. I covet peace and quiet, and I covet my quiet time with the Lord. Which leads me to ....

#4. I'm thankful for daily devotions with the Lord. I had the most awesome quiet time yesterday morning. It was so simple and ordinary, yet completely blissful. I had two tea biscuits, a glass of orange juice and it was just me and the Lord spending a little time together. Like having breakfast with an old friend! It made my whole day. It just set the mood for things to come. I wish everyday to be just like that.

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