Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It was Trey and Anna Grace's first time at the circus. We went this weekend with friends. Trey was enthralled. His favorite were the tigers. Anna Grace on the other hand was afraid of the clowns. But, she loved seeing all the animals, especially the horses.
There was a pre-show, where we got to meet and get autographs from the clowns and acrobats. They also brought out Asia the baby elephant for the kids to see up close and personal.
They were all very nice and would juggle and do tricks for the kids.
I love the shoes.
Trey getting his program signed.
This clown was showing Trey how to spin plates, first on his fingers, and then on tall sticks. Pink roses that Anna Grace picked out at the store. I'm going to miss being able to buy bouquets of flowers for $3.99 when we move. They just brighten up our little home.
I got to sit quietly one morning and enjoy my breakfast and my new Delta Magazine.
My friend Heidi and I, coming from our monthly lunch date. She just recently started a blog, Blue Suede Pumps.
Ladies who lunch. Heidi, Ann, Mandy and I at our monthly luncheon for Stonecroft Ministries. We enjoy a catered lunch, free babysitting, a speaker, singer and special feature. It is a wonderful ministry that focuses on missions and reaching the lost in our community. I have been on our calling committee for over a year now, taking reservations. And I'm going to miss talking to my ladies every month. Most of them I've never met, but, you really get to know them talking to them every month. It reminds me of back home, because they tell me all about their family and whose had a recent surgery or the flu. Some even have me on caller I.D., and answer the phone with "Hey Tiffany! Is it already time for our luncheon?" They have been such a blessing to me, and I will miss them very much.


ElvisGalx3 said...

Wonderful week of pictures!!! I need to start doing that! Teach me my Blogger Miaque(Karate Kid, not sure if I spelled it right!!LOL!!)

Rachél said...


I know that the anticipation of a move is both exciting and sad. Still, it looks like you had a wonderful week.

You should Mr. Linky your "Week in Pictures" feature. Since you have that gorgeous new button others could connect with it. Just a thought.... :o)

Tiffany said...

Thanks Rachel! I might do that if you and Heidi would like to. I'm hoping that your new blog will help us keep close in touch and feel like we're still seeing each other all the time Heidi. The move is going to be bitter sweet! I have such a great supportive community here. -But, I also can't wait to be home. ((Hugs)) to you both!

ElvisGalx3 said...

What is a Mr. Linky? I will do whatever you tell me LOL I am so new at this I have no idea what all that means!!! LOL I would like to do week in pictures with you! and with Rachel.

Rachél said...

I'm game!

Anonymous said...

the circus looks like SOOOO much fun!!!! i wish i could have been there too! i'm also loving seeing pictures of the sweet friends who have been such a huge part of your life there. i'm so thankful that you have them :O)