Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I loved the author Beverly Cleary when I was a child. My favorite was her series about Henry and his dog Ribsy. I read the Ramona series, as well, but I just didn't take to it. I think maybe it's because Henry and Ribsy were my first introduction to Beverly Cleary. Their stories always remained my favorites. I did enjoy Henry and the Paper Route, which was my introduction to Ramona and her sister Breezus, as well as, Henry and the Clubhouse. You would think that as a girl I would connect more with the girls' stories and adventures, but I always went back to Henry and his dog Ribsy. I also read the books around the time that The Wonder Years came out, so that in itself might have had something to do with it.

I could imagine myself right in the whole 1950's era at that time, reading the books and watching that series. I think that's also when I feel in love with

Jackie Kennedy. And I had a very idealistic romanticised view of America at that time. I believed the world was a wonderful place and anything and everything was possible if I just believed and worked hard enough.

These three books were the first chapter books I read to my children, when I started reading to them every night. Not that we didn't read other books at bed time before these. But these three were the first books they layed in bed and just listened to me read to them. Some nights we just need to listen and relax and calm our little bodies down from of our silliness and running around we did during the day. And these three were a perfect introduction when we started implementing that bedtime ritual. And I think they will always have a special place on our reading selves. I'm sure my son will enjoy them more when he is a little older, and can read them for himself. Until then, we are building our vocabularies and enriching our imaginations and having wonderful discussions together. Good stuff! -Blessings!


Christy said...

I love those books!! Laura Grace has read all of them and is now rereading them. I read some of them aloud a year or so ago, but like you said, now that she is reading them herself she loves them even more.

Sarah Denley said...

Oh gosh, LOVE these. I seriously read every single one of BC's books. The Ramona ones were actually my favorites. Have you read Anastasia Krupnick (sp?) books? They are by Lois Lowry and are another GREAT series (I guess they aren't really a series, just as Ramona isn't, but I'm at a loss for what to call them?).

Also, Wonder Years? Own the bootleg copies, yes I do. My husband, my best friend, and I are all three obsessed and used to have marathon viewing sessions.

And, let's see about Jackie Kennedy. I could write a whole post about that (and may). I'm not really sure I'd like her hub's politics but I love her style. I think first ladies are fascinating in general, but from a fashion point of view she takes the cake. I once told Peyton that I thought the ultimate compliment of one's style is the line from the Rod Stewart song "Madame Onassis got nothing on you". Ha!

Sorry I just totally wrote my own post in your comments!

Tiffany said...

Sarah Denley- girl write as much as you want. I love comments and discussuion. I am actually not familar with the Anastasia Krupnick books. Maybe you could feature them one week. -I miss watching the Wonder Years.