Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Year of Romance!

What does Romance mean to you? Is it an intimate weekend get away?- a moonlit walk?-or maybe just knowing that he still gives you butterflies, and you still make his eyes light up across a crowded room! I'm sure that the answers to this particular question are endless! Well, here is your chance to share your experiences and ideas on love! Maria at Free to Fly is hosting a year long challenge called "A year of Romance!" On the 19th of every month , she will be sharing how she is nurturing the courtship and romance in her marriage. And she thought it would be fun, if in true bloggyland style we joined her in celebrating and cultivating our own marriages. It may be a heartwarming story, a special gift or surprise, or encouraging words and advice. How can we help equip and encourage each other as christian women along the journey of marriage?

For the beginning of my own journey , I sat down with my sweetheart, and we had a heart to heart about how we could add a little more romance to our marriage. Together we made a list of things we pledge to do throughout this year.

1. Hugh said he would like to see us have at least one date night, every month. We feel that it is very important for our connection and communication with one another to start having some alone time again.

2. Hugh also said that he loves it when we cook dinner together, and try out new recipes. We used to do this all the time as a newly married couple, and it's something he'd like us to start doing together again.

3. Hugh loves, Loves, LOVES when I give him back rubs. He asks for them all the time! And I thought that it would be nice if I would "offer," without him having to ask , to give him back rubs more often. I told him that I pledge without fail, that on the 19th of every month, I would give him a back rub. Those of you that know us, know that his schedule changes from month to month. (Hugh is in his second year of his E.R. residency.) So, even if on any given month he may not get home until 2:00am, I pledge to get up or stay up, spend a little time with him and help him unwind and relax for the day/night. Why the 19th? His birthday is October 19th. We kissed for the first time on September 19th, and our wedding anniversary is May 19th! Kind of a lucky number for us! (hee-hee!)

4. I told Hugh that his gentlemanly conduct, reminds me of why I love and respect him so much. He still does little things here and there that show me how much he cares. Things like opening my car door, helping me with my coat, calling me to see if I'm having a good day, leaving me a little love note-(I showed him one at church this morning that I still keep in my Bible,) surprising me with lunch, or even holding my hand when we pray. These are all things that help me feel that I'm special to him, and put me in a romantic kinda mood. I'm going to thank him more often for these treasures, so that he knows that I do notice!

5. I vow to pray for him if not with him, everyday! We need to ask for God's protection and blessing on our marriage on a more consistent basis, and not take it for granted that God knows that we are thankful for the mate He has provided for us!

6. I am going to take the initiative to plan our seven year anniversary! I know that this will take the pressure off of Hugh to feel like he always has to plan the "romantic stuff!" I am open to any ideas ya'll may have, within reason. We're not wealthy by any means. Remember, he's still in his residency, with two small children to raise.

7. We vow to "bring sexy back," for each other that is... We have been changing our life style, with the help of weight watchers, as well as working out! I'm sooo glad this is something we are doing together! For our health and to keep the passion between us alive and well! Let me say it's working, so I highly recommend!

These are seven things we look forward to as we celebrate and honor of our seven wonderful years of marriage! I am excited to see what all of you have to share! Blessings to all!


Denise said...

This is wonderful, praying for many blessings on your marriage.

freetofly said...

Tiff, this is truly BEAUTIFUL! Exactly what I was hoping for, and more in the style of how I would have liked to write my own...but after my anniversary post, it was hard to come back at the topic, so I am just trusting that God is ordering my steps, and that in the end we all bring something good to the blog table!

The most important thing is that we sweeten our marriages!

You covered so many important areas, just love this!

You & Hugh have a truly blessed marirage! I know your 7 yr anniversary will be great! Praying for you!