Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Commitment to Loveliness!

Commitment to Loveliness was started by Emma at Charming the Birds from the Trees! In her own words...It is a fun way to increase femininity and beauty in our lives each week without even trying! All you have to do is choose five things that you would like to work on or do during the week that will increase the loveliness in your life! I fell in love with this idea, and wanted to be apart of it. I think loveliness and femininity are characteristics of a true lady, which is something I aspire to!

Here is my list for this week:

1. I'm going to work on my posture, (sitting and standing.)

2. I going to allow a little time for myself each day for reading. I want to finish the book I'm currently reading, Passion for Jesus- Perfecting Extravagant Love for God, by Mike Bickle. I also made a small splurge purchase this weekend, that I'd like to find time to read as well- Parents magazine, and Parenting magazine.

3. I'm going to fill my house with music this week, and try to cultivate a little culture by exposing Trey and Anna Grace to different genres of music everyday.

4. I'm going to treat myself to a long, hot bath one evening this week, instead of my daily shower.

5. I'm going to be more complimentive of those around me this week! I don't think we can ever give too many compliments. And it always lifts my spirits when I'm able to brighten someone' day, if even in a small way.

Blessings to all!


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Great list! I'll have to check that out myself.

Emma said...

Great goals, Tiffany!! Thanks for participating:)

Melissa said...

Awesome goals! I love the idea of filling your house with music :) Thanks so much for your comment on my page and I look foward to participating in more "Commitment to Loveliness" es with you. Good Luck with your list!
In Him,