Monday, January 21, 2008

"Spread The Love"..."Forget Not Thy Friend"...

I have been given a special gift from my bloggy friend Maria @ Free to Fly! The Spread the Love Award! I am so touched and honored. The award originated by Mica, at Garb-oodles Soup, a very lovely Victorian blog. The best part of the award to me is why she said she chose me..... because she really shows the love in her comments, and excitement over blogs that are important to her. Like me she is excited when one bloggy friend discovers another. I love that kind of excitement! Mica gave such a lovely description of Why she started the award I felt compelled to share it with you....

From earliest childhood,Victorians learned the value of friendship. Hand in hand, young girls ventured forth to gather wildflowers to press and make into gift cards; together they learned how to decorate the home and cook nourishing meals. They pored over ladies' magazines and studied their wardrobes, all the while forming strong bonds that would last them through courtship, marriage and the rearing of their own broods. Girlfriends were often called "Sister," implying heartfelt intimacy.

"Do You know what friendship is ? - Yes- it is to be as brother and sister, two souls which touch each other without meeting, like two fingers on the same hand."
-Godey's Lady's Book

And now I would like to share this award with Demetria and Mary Clair, because they have loved and welcomed me into their lives and their family, not as a sister-in-law, but as one of their own and as a true friend! We have shared from our hearts', laughed and cried together, and even been down right silly at times. I love you both so much and I miss you something fierce! Dena-thank you for introducing us to bloggyland. I know it has helped to strengthen the friendship between us! I would also like to bestow this honor upon: Ashley, (who has become dear to my heart and is a true hopeless romantic, like myself! I admire the love and admiration with which you always speak of your marriage.) Christy and Melissa, who like Maria, have become true bloggy friends. Even though we are still getting to know one another, you're always there, and you always have encouraging words and a prayer in your heart for the women that surround you. That is a sign of true friendship. -Thank you! Keep spreading the love along....Blessings to all!


Ashley said...

You are precious. We should probably meet sometime ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks sweets!!

like i told ya -- you're my "real" sister, too!

Mica Garbarino said...

I am so thrilled my award is going around. It is just a blessing to see people spreading the love around. Thank you so much. Regarding sock monkey kits.. they have them in most craft stores or you may be able to find them on Ebay. Or find red heel socks.. there are instructions on line how to make them.. I believe under Sock Monkey instructions or Vintage sock monkey instructions. They are really easy to make !!! If you cannot find them.. let me know.. my craft store carries it so I can pick you up a couple and you can pay me for them.. Have a blessed day,

In Christ,

Mica Garbarino

Christy said...


You are so sweet :)

freetofly said...

Great to see you spreading the love, Tiff! Sorry I haven't been on the last few days.

Hope you are doing well?

Hey, I tagged you for something I think will be fun! Check it out when you have time!

God bless!

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