Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Back Home

We had a wonderful holiday back home. We flew into Memphis on the 17th, and I have to say the flight overall went well. No one got sick, Anna Grace took a nice little nap, and although Trey was some what of a wiggle worm, it could have been sooo much worse. Momma Donna picked us up from the airport, ready with hugs and kisses for everyone. We made our way to Grenada, and stopped in to visit Granny(Hodges). It was Anna Grace's first time to meet her Granny! I was love at first sight! We wanted to take granny out to dinner, so we all loaded up and headed down through Duckhill to a little place on the edge of Eskridge called Mim's country cafe, for a little catfish dinner. On Sunday, we woke up early and played quietly in front of the fireplace, while Mi-Mi made Trey's favorite blueberry muffins and sausage. We went to church at First Baptist (Hugh's home church, where we were married.) Then we picked up Granny and went back to Momma D's for Sunday lunch and visiting. We had a lazy afternoon. The babies napped, Hugh and his mom went to town to find him a nice button down for his suite, and I gave Granny a pedicure/massage, while we caught up on our visiting. I wanted to do that for all the women in my family, but I must admit that Granny was the only one I got to sit down and pamper. Hugh had an interview in Oxford on Monday. I think the hospital is hoping he'll consider working there after his residency. Demetria and the boys got to her mom's about noon, and let me say, we were so excited to see each other, we were both hugging and crying all over our selves. (Yes, I am very sentimental, if you hadn't notived already.) Russ and Trey played together, Kaden gushed over his cousin Anna Grace and kept her quite entertained while we visited and finished getting ready to meet MC and her boys in town. MC planed the sweetest surprise gift for Christmas. We had a portrait taken (of the kids and grankids) for a christmas present for her mom and pop- (aka paw-paw and nana.) Then we all headed out to Cascilla to spend the next three days with them. It was one big crazy mad house of fun. Nana and Paw-paw had a their hands and house full with all six grankids, Mc, Dena, Kevin, Hugh and myself all piled together. It was fabulous! We were all like kids at christmas- cuttin up. The kids played together and jumped outside in the inflatable party jumper that Nancy(nana), MC, and Demetria all bought together for the kids. We rode 4-wheelers, ate all the yummy snacks that Mc and Ms. Nancy put together for all of us, stayed up way too late every night after we put the kids to bed, talked and laughed and ate some more. MC had crafts and Christmas ornaments for the kids to make- and Dena, MC and I even stole some time away to go to town and shop together. It was sooo great and we all had such a good time together. We had Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night and met back up with Ms. Donna and Granny and all of the Hodges' side of the family for another turkey dinner. It was so great to see everyone. Taylor Brooke, Barry and Brandy's little girl, played so sweet with Anna Grace. Aunt Barbara had her Christmas tree up and the house was filled with family, laughter and the smell of home cookin. Aunt Jean and Julie entertained the babies with stories of "Herman the Worm", and "The Big Mouth Frog." We all had a great time together, I just wish we would have had more time together. Friday we tried to catch up on a little rest and some last minute visiting before flying out on Saturday. Our friends Ashley, Shelia and their daughter Isabella even came by Ms. Donna's to have dinner with us, before we left. We're settling back in, here in Ohio, and Trey is glad to be home. We're enjoying the snow today. It was so incredably hard to say good bye. - I'm missing ya'll already! We can't wait til we're home again with all of you! Hugs and Kisses and lots of love!


demetria said...

sniff, sniff. miss yall! ps-see comment on previous post about christmas in hawaii ;)

Ashley said...

Thank you SO much for your encouraging words. They meant so much to me, and encouraged me like you'll never know. I wish we could've gotten to see you guys when you were close by, but holidays are SO hectic. Maybe someday! Hopefully it will be before Trey or Anna Grace's wedding :)

Mary Clair Ford said...

Baby you just say the word, Dena and I will come get you guys and move you home. I miss you all so much and this summer can't get here fast enough. I enjoyed reading your post, it totally took me back to some of out CRAZY conversations and how silly we all are/were especially while playing Taboo.

Ashley said...

Hey! Email me and I'll give you the cooking club info :)