Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Bliss!

I am in it! Pure bliss! My sweet baby girl said momma, for the first time last night! She's been saying dada, for a couple weeks now(- first word for both her and Trey.) I was playing quietly with her on the floor, while talking to my aunt Linda, in Denver, when it happened. We were catching up on what all the family is up to, and reminiscing about my mom, when Anna Grace started cooing and laughing. Linda said, "Oh, I can hear her!-Sweet baby." I said, "That's right! That's my sweet girl," as I moved in to give her Eskimo kisses. Anna Grace giggled softly and said, "Momma." Linda, who had no idea what a monumental moment she was sharing said, Oh how sweet, she said momma." I (on the other hand-in total shock!-whispered) She said momma. (louder) Oh my goodness! (Louder) She said momma! Linda, she said momma. That was her first time to say it. She said momma! Linda-(Really!) YES!-I almost cried! Then, I hugged her, kissed her, smelled her, and permanently burned the moment into memory! It's these moments!-I mean, there are no words for how beautiful, and meaningful these treasured moments are! I thought we had hit a mile stone this week when I got her to eat sweet potatoes. We've already tried green beans, apple sauce and rice cereal, with no success. She just decided she was going to "show out" on her six month birthday and give her momma the best present ever! I got her to repeat it two more times, after that last night, and once today! It makes my heart swell, just thinking about it! I am so blessed!


Ashley said...

How precious about Anna Grace! I can't wait...
Also, thank you for the Rachel McAdams and my sister have actually been told that more than a few times! ;)

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I know your heart is just busting at its seams!

My girl called both me & my husband "Mama"...but she said them differently so we knew who she was referring to (silly, but true). She didn't say "Dada" for several months.

Merry Christmas.

Christy said...

How sweet!!

Mary Clair Ford said...

Awwww, the Little Angel is growing far too quickly. Those are the moments that never leave us aren't they? Ya know DA DA is more of a babble thing but when they say Mama, they know what is up...they know what they are saying and they know they are stealing our hearts that hang on every little word.
Not to steal your thunder but do you think you could start working on Emmy next?

By the way, Kyle was saying his goodnites last night and sayed Dood Nite Tay, Dood Nite Anda Gace, too sweet huh?

Yo Sista

Tyna said...


How sweet! I love baby talk!

Thanks for posting on my blog the other day. Hannah drew you 2 pictures: one is a tree (I think) and the other is a big, blue...something or other. Send me your address at and I'll mail them off to you!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment.

So sweet that your baby girl said "mama". Been a lot of years for me, but I remember the joy of that moment.