Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Fun & another sneak peek of our new house

I can't wait to be here:

Our new home is going to feel like a vacation. I told Hugh it's perfectly fine with me that we aren't going anywhere this summer, because our new home is exactly where I want to be, hosting family and friends. And I am so excited that some of our friends are going to be coming down for a visit! Our next door neighbors and friends, the Semrau family will be staying a night with us in late July as they pass our way headed down to visit family in Louisiana. And my sweet friend Heidi and her family are going to come down and stay a few days with us in August before school starts. We are going to take them to Graceland and over to Tupelo since Heidi is a huge Elvis fan. This is like an answer to a prayer for me. Datha's children and Heidi's children are Trey and Anna Grace's best friends and play mates! So as we get down there and get settled in, and the children realize we are there to stay and aren't going back to Ohio, our friends will come for a visit. I think it will make their adjustment a little easier. And by that time I will need a friend fix as well. Thank you Lord for small miracles. Well, I'm off to pack and start tagging items for our garage sale. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ~Blessings!


Susan said...

What a beautiful home!!!! I'm so happy and delighted for you.

Tiffany said...

Thank you Mrs. Susan! I'm really excited about it. I hope this is where we are going to be for a very lomg time. I'm ready to put down roots, raise my children and make a home for our family. I hope it's the home our children will bring their children to for the holidays someday. -Lord willing! :)

SharonB said...

Tiffany How beautiful!! I would agree...looks like a great place to spend the summer!! :-)