Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Praise to Share!

I am ecstatic! I received a phone call Sunday night that just blew me away. You know how there are people the Lord lays on your heart and you may try to witness to them, but they are just not ready, so all you can do is pray? Well, I've shared with some of you before that I've had people and friends in my life that I've been praying for for over ten years.

I found out Sunday night two of them not only found the Lord, but are in seminary and are serving at the church associated with the mission downtown Jackson Mississippi. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

Let me give you a little back ground on them. They were husband and wife and both music majors with me in college. Both extraordinarily talented. The wife grew up in the Mormon church, and the husband was a steadfast atheist. Around my senior year he had his wife read a book disproving Joseph Smith's sacred tablets. I have not read the book, but apparently archaeologists have proven the tablets to be nothing more than Egyptian burial tablets. His wife was visibly shaken after reading this book and even called her brother out west who is high up in their church, like a deacon. She asked him if he knew about the book and the scientific findings, and he told her yes. She asked him how then he could continue on there if all they had ever believed in was based on a lie. He said because it works for me. She was crushed, and she left the Mormon church right then and there. Her husband was so pleased with himself it was a little unsettling to me. He always struck me as one who sees faith as weakness, or even a lack of intelligence. I think he felt people used their imaginary god to comfort themselves, or at least that is somewhat how it was expressed to me. He had a disdain for Christ and anything Christian. -And now, well now praise God he's found the Lord and it has turned his whole life around, both of their lives.

When I got the phone call, I started crying in the car on the way to church, and my children were asking, "Daddy, what's wrong with mama?" He told them she's crying happy tears. I was so amazed, and overjoyed! And so very thankful! Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you.

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Susan said...

Paul talks about some planting, some watering and some reaping. Sometimes we never get to see the fruit.....but one thing we know for sure, because the Word says, His word never returns void. I'm so happy you were able to learn this side of heaven of this blessing and answer to prayer.