Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Runy Noses

My poor honeys are sick! They started out with the sniffles, and now Anna Grace has a runny nose and Trey is pouring. On top of that, Trey is cutting five teeth. Yes, five! He has three upper molars and two lower canine teeth coming in, all at the same time. He couldn't even eat his favorite cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats) this morning, without pressing on his soar gums and whimpering. And, that was after the milk had made it soggy. Anna Grace was refusing to eat at all, this morning. She is running a low grade temp., and just wants momma to hold her. She snuggled up in my arms earlier and feel asleep, so I put her down for a nap. I've been giving Trey Tylenol (for his teeth) and Benadryl (for his nose), and pumping him full of O.J. and water. I'm going to go to the store this evening and get him some gummy vitamins to start him on. Hopefully that will help! Thank goodness he has already had his flu shot. He's just not his boisterous, playful self, today. I gave both of them a warm bath this morning to soothe the achy ness, but it looks like we're in for a quiet day at home. We are getting our first snow flurries of the season, so it sounds like a good time for a warm cup of my favorite Tazo,chai tea!


The Mannings said...

Hey Tiffany!!
Thanks so much for the comment on our blog. I've been meaning to leave one on yours, too--I've just gotten busy with other things. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures up north, and I know you're ready to be back home. I will send you the email for the veterans Christmas card. Now that we've 'found' each other, let's keep in touch! Your kiddos are PRECIOUS!!!!

Tyna said...

Tiffany, poor thing! Hope your babies are feeling better soon. Meanwhile, enjoy that tea!

Julie said...

Speaking of Chai Tea...you got me addicted to that yummy stuff! And, everytime I have it...I think of you!! Love you girl. Take care and try to stay warm. Can't wait to see ya'll in a few days now.