Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Read to Me Wednesday....ABC Mystery by Doug Cushman

This lovely little book is my pick for the week. I found it five or six years ago when I was teaching pre-school. It is a book I've really enjoyed sharing with my children, especially my son. It's a great way to introduce or work on recognition of letters.
The letter "A" states the crime-stolen Art-and the mystery, told in rhyming couplets, continues to unfold as Detective McGroom, a badger, pursues clues attached to successive letters of the alphabet.

Cushman has also written other mystery books for primary readers that I'm going to try and track down. My son turns 4 next month and my husband and I decided that this is the year we are going to teach him to read. This book is a perfect start because he knows his ABC's, and he can even recognize most of them. But, we are still working on this area, as well as, recognizing his name and other environmental print.

I really want to inspire a love for reading in both of my children. As I've said before, I'm one of those mamas who read to my children in the womb. And right now my son is interested in adventure, and good guys verses bad guys, so I thought this little book would be a good place to start. My daughter is interested in everything pink, princess or girly right now, so picture books are a huge draw for her. She also loves to be read to. She's very attracted to the sing-song of my voice when I read to her at night, and will often imitate me.

I hope you will search out this book and give it a try. It really is engaging and I think it will be one you'll come to love too.


Christy said...

I almost forgot about it being Read to Me Wed! Well, actually I DID forget until I read your blog LOL.

I have a similar book that is based on Alaska-Layton loves it so I will have to find this one as well!

Sandra said...

I haven't seen this book and I've read many when I taught Headstart.

Reading is a top priority around here and has proven to help children excell in many areas of learning. Keep up the good work with those little ones.

Rachél said...

Oh, poo! I looked for it at my library, but they don't have it. Lots of other Doug Cushman books but not that one. I requested Mystery at the Club Sandwich instead. It looks cute.

Tiffany said...

Rachel! -Do share when you're done. I'm excited to hear about it!