Saturday, August 22, 2009

Very Cute Etsy Find!

I love Etsy. For those of you that may not be familiar with the site, it is like E-bay, but everything is either vintage or handmade. I have been wanting a pillow case dress for my little girl, and I finally found one that I just fell in love with on Etsy. I would like to learn how to make one, but, I couldn't pass this up when I saw it. And it was only $15.00. Most of the ones I've seen on there have been anywhere from $20.00 to $35.00. So, you can see why I just couldn't pass it up:)


Ingram Gang said...

This is really cute. I just got coordinating pillow case dresses for my Kayt and her soon-to-arrive baby sister. I can't wait to dress them up. The newborn dress is soooo tiny.
Great find!

Pearl said...

Hi Tiffany...
Just love that adorable dress! Etsy is such a great place to shop and find inspiration, isn't it?!
I was so happy to see that you'd visited my Wizard of Oz Gala post, and I'm grateful for your comment.
I've just finished doing some catching up with my reading at your blog... I've been very ill, too, and am just recently beginning to get back into blogland. Sure have missed you and the other sweet folks...
So very sorry to hear of the medical issues you 'n your family have been faced with. I'm very thankful that things are looking better, now... God is so good to us!!
I hope that your new blog will end up being all that you are dreaming for it... I think you're being very wise to make it private to your family. Sadly, the world has come to a point where we simply no longer feel safe about too many things, especially when those things regard our precious children.
Really enjoyed hearing about your meteor shower date with your dear husband. I'm so glad that the Lord placed the two of you together! My sweet husband and I just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary the end of May. I can honestly say that we're more in love now than we were when we took our vows... and I hope 'n pray that you and Hugh will have as much love, joy and happiness as we've had over the years ♥
I'll be saying my prayers for you and your family to have continued improvement with your health... hope you enjoy these last days of Summer!

~waves to Hugh 'n the kidlettes~

Anonymous said...

this is sooooo darlin'!! i can't believe it was only $15. . . what a STEAL!!! also like the oh-too-cute RL dress in the post below. great shopping, sweetheart. miss you!!!

Sister.Faith said...

Hello Ms Tiffany,

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I stopped over to read some of yours and can tell what a sweetie you are by your posts.

You really do have something special with the marriage you have. Cherish it, and protect it with a covering of prayer.