Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Bees

We are busy busy around here lately. I've been spending more time at my new blog, updating our family on all that's new with the babies. And I'm working on getting things ready for September. We are going to be working on Nursery Rhymes. This is going to be an exciting month. We will be starting back on Monday nights with our children's ministry at church called Master's Club. I am going to be leading the music for our little ones, as well as teaching. YEAH! I'm so excited. If we can get two more teachers, I will also be able to add and teach a preschool class. I taught k-1st grade this last year, and it was fun. But, we had such a wonderful preschool class for vacation Bible school, and I would love to continue that if possible. So, please pray for 2 more volunteer teachers! I have asked our youth to come to our first three meetings to learn and sing songs with us. We have our annual fireside service at the end of the month, and I'd love for them to sing together. Not to mention how cool the kids would think it was to have the youth there at Master's Club, for a couple of meetings anyway. In my heart of hearts, I would love it if we could pair up one of our youths with each teacher for the year. It would be wonderful if we could show them what a vital role they could play in teaching and helping in the children's ministry. They could learn to model teaching and care giving skills with the little ones that could only come in handy later in life as parents, or maybe educators themselves. And I think it would give them a sense of purpose in our church. Right now it's just a pipe dream that I'm praying about. Any way...I'm off to cook dinner:) More to come!


Sister.Faith said...

From personal experience with the youth working in my Headstart class, you are right on about your thinking.

Not only will it help the youth, but the little ones will catch on quicker to what is being taught with the youth helping.

You will see what I'm talking about and more so go for it.

Susan said...

It thrills me to read of your eagerness to serve in this area. I join you in praying for those helpers. The youth will benefit as well as the children!!

Janna Widdifield said...

I'm starting to teach in the children's program at our church next Wed. night. I'm going to be the crafty teacher.

If you haven't already, try this book out for lots of nursery rhyme crafts....

Maybe we'll try some this month, too!