Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrating 8 Years Of Wedded Bliss

Our Rehearsal Dinner.
May 19, 2001 ~Our Wedding Day!

Our Honeymoon in St. Thomas!

So yesterday, Hugh and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years, where did it go? (In September, we will have been together 14 years all together.)

Hugh and I were fortunate to celebrate the night out alone together. We got to spend quality time -together. No bells or whistles, just quiet, quality time, just the two of us. We spent the time doing something we used to spend time doing as newly-weds.

We went to Boarders (used to be Barnes and Nobel,) picked out all the magazines we wanted to buy and read, grabbed a cup of coffee, dessert, and sat together in the cafe, reading, laughing, and talking.

Last night was about designing our dream home, since we will be buying our first home in less than a year. It was exciting and fun to dream about and plan a new part of our future together. I love him so much. So very much. And I love our life together.

So here's to the next eight, ten, twenty years together. I wonder where we'll be by then. Hugh reminded me, after the next five years, we will have spent more of our lives together than apart. Is it weird that I actually look forward to that part of my life?

-This is the part of me that makes some of my friends and acquaintances want to gag. You know the oooeee-goooeeey happily ever after part. The part that looks forward to growing old together, as we sit hand in hand, watching the sun set on our front porch swing. What can I say, I'm a hopelessly, sentimental, dreamy eyed wife. (sigh~)


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary sweetie.

Janna Widdifield said...

Congrats! We celebrate our 8th anniversary next month.

Ashley said...

K and I love to dream about our houses together. You're not alone :o)

CrazyCarellis said...

A very hearty congratulations on passing the eight year mark!

I wish you both, at least, fifty more awesome years!!