Thursday, February 12, 2009

Planting Little Seeds Of Faith

We have had rain here for about three days now. Last night, it was storming especially hard outside. I love the rain. It's so relaxing. It makes me just want to curl up with a good book or popcorn and a movie. We live in a cozy little rental house right now, and both bedrooms are at the back of the house. The owner built a tin roof awning off the back patio, and it's right next to our bedrooms. So at night, we have been opening the window, just a crack, to listen to the rain coming down on the tin roof.

Have you ever heard a tin roof bend and pop in the wind? It sounds a little like thunder. And our children are not terribly fond of loud, crashing thunder. In fact, it scares them. Our little princess kept waking up crying. I went in about three different times to rock her back to sleep. Then, around three this morning, I heard her again. I went in to change her diaper and settle her back down to sleep.

I didn't know my little man was awake, until he started talking to me...

T: Mom, what's that up in that cloud?
Me: It's nothing sweetie, go back to sleep.
T: No mom, it's rain. The cloud is full of rain.
Me: Oh, well yes it is honey. It's raining outside.
T: Yes! ...(long pause)...Hey mommy you hear that? It's loud out there. It's windy.
Me: Yes, baby, it is.
T: Sissy's scared. That loud wind make Sissy cry. Will you stay with us mommy.
Me: Yes baby. I'll stay for a little while til you fall back to sleep.

I tried to sneak out when I thought they had drifted off, but my little princess started crying and calling for me, as soon as, I got out the door. So, I went back in and picked her up.

T: Mommy sissy's still scared.
Me: It's OK, mommy is here. You can go back to sleep.
T: Mommy, will you sleep with me?
Me: Are you scared too, baby.
T: (Very quietly...) -yes.
Me: OK, I'll be right back....

So, I made a pallet on the floor between their cribs. Sissy , ended up falling asleep with me holding her hand. But every few minutes, my little man would say, "Mommy, you hear that?" So finally, I asked him, "Honey, is the wind still scaring you?"

T: ~yes.
Me: Would you like to ask Lord Jesus to make the scary wind go away?
Me: OK, go ahead...
T: Dear Jesus, You hear that out there? It's loud out there. It's windy. That wind is loud out there. It's loud and scary. It's scaring me. I don't like the scary wind. Make it go away. OK? OK. In Jesus name -Amen.

And you know what? GOD answered that sweet little prayer. The wind immediately died down. (It was still blowing, but for the rest of the night it never blew hard enough to wake either of them up.) I told my little man, "See honey, Lord Jesus answered your prayer." "YES!", he said. ~ And I whispered a little prayer of my own. A little prayer of thanks, in my heart.

Thank you Father for answering his prayer. Thank you for making yourself real to him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow his faith. -Amen.

Today, at breakfast and lunch, I told them the story from the Bible of how Jesus calmed the storm. My little man asked, "Like Jesus did last night?"
Me: "Yes, my sweetheart, just like He did for you last night."

What a precious, precious moment, I will treasure always! ~Blessings!


Ingram Gang said...

That IS a precious moment. What a sweet memory. :)

Susan said...

As well you should!

Anonymous said...

awesome, tiff!!!!

Janna Widdifield said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful scene. It was so precious.

Pearl said...

Yet another simply precious memory to tuck away in your heart... Children are such blessings, no matter how old they get... I hope 'n pray that you and your family had a...

♥ ~ HAPPY ~ ♥
♥ ~ DAY! ~ ♥


luvmy4sons said...

Oh my that IS a precious moment and you will treasure it always...thank you for sharing it. He does do that...answer our little prayers to build our faith. What an awesome God. What an awesome mom you are!

CrazyCarellis said...

Isn't amazing how God answers those prayers for our little ones. Good job using it as a faith affirming moment.