Friday, January 16, 2009

Weight Watchers!

It's official....Hubby and I have started back on weight watchers. We both had great success with it a little over a year ago, right after Anna Grace was born. Unfortunately we didn't take the next step of maintaining it as a life style. -Hey we all learn from our mistakes, right?! So, we're back on the band wagon. And I'm really excited about it. I'm not usually one to talk about weight, maybe it's my southern upbringing, but, I feel like it's something very personal, and not something- in good taste- that you talk about all the time in public.

But, I know that those of you that actually read my blog are good friends, who know that I'm not trying to indulge my vanity, as much as I am trying to learn to live a healthy life style. The only person I'm worried about impressing visually is my husband. I don't dress for other men or other women for that matter. I'm never going to be on the cutting edge of styles, fashion or trends. It's just not who I am, but I'm comfortable with that. I'm much more of a classic, low-key type. I guess if I aspire to be anything, I aspire to be more like the Jackie O type. A very crisp, clean, well tailored, well put together, yet very feminine and very lady-like.

I am so glad that my hubby and I are doing this together. He is very encouraging and supportive, and that makes all the difference in the world. But, I also decided to post it, because like actually saying it out loud, it will make me more accountable. There are so many things I'm looking forward to. Most of all, I can't wait to have more energy! I'm also trying to be more intentional and plan out meals ahead of time. so, a Great Big -THANK YOU to all the ladies that gave me nutritious ideas for breakfast. I'm on a roll! Ready for success! Hope everyone is having a great day! ~Blessings!


winstead family said...

yay for you! i have done (online) too and since i'm at a computer ALL day, it makes it really really easy to go in there, and track points. i actually love it!

Ashley said...

Weight is never fun to talk about, but I love that you're honest about it. I'll be in the lose-the-baby-weight mode soon, so I'll need encouragement too!

Christy said...

I am proud of you and hugh! As you know I am not shy at all about constantly trying to lose that elusive ten to fifteen pounds LOL. I have always wanted to try wieght watchers so I will be checking in to see how it is going and how well it works :) How neat that ya'll are doing this together!!! I wish you luck!

Kimberly said...

That is great that you and your husband can do this together. Accountability is such a great thing. And it will be nice that he isn't sitting there eating some huge hot fudge sundae or anything right in front of you! :)

Blessings as you work towards becoming a healthier you. :) I need to work on that one, too!

:) K

luvmy4sons said...

Wonderful. I hope this is the beginning of a life long life style change!

Pigtails & Pearls said...

I love weight watchers. I need to get back on too!! Good Luck!

Winging It said...

I so heart you! I can relate in every way to this post. Every way, every word. I am confident that God will be with you both as you take these steps for permanent lifestyle change together. I will pray for you to be encouraged and to always get back up and go forward in this, to be steadfast and always looking to Him for strength and each other as well.

P.S. I have more than a few friends who have had great and permanent change thru weightwatchers.


CrazyCarellis said...

That's amazing! Hubby and I start counting those points on Monday. I've done WW in the past and wasn't able to hit my goal weight. There was a good reason. I got pregnant! Before that it was a huge help, and I was at lesser weight that I hadn't seen in quite a long time.

Good job going public. No, this is never a fun topic, but accountability and encouragement are huge!