Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breakfast ideas for kids!

Good morning y'all! I am searching for new ideas for the most important meal of the day. I need to put a little variety in our lives, with lots of nutrition. My little ones love breakfast, hot or cold. I want to get away from "processed foods" as much as possible, because my kids would eat an Aldi breakfast bar every morning if I let them. I want that to be a quick back up only if we have to be somewhere early in the morning. So here's what I have already......

Muffins (blueberry,banana, and sweet potato) with Apple slices, half of a Banana, or Yogurt.

Scrambled Eggs with a slice of Toast or side of Sausage.

Cheese toast or a Cheese tortilla roll up with Orange slices.

Oatmeal with milk, sugar, and sometimes Cinnamon. Or a bowl of Cheerios.

Pancakes or French toast, with a side of Fruit or Yogurt.

So, does anyone have any new ideas or recipes I can try? I would really appreciate it. ~Blessings to all!


Penless Thoughts said...

No ideas but looks like you've got a good variety going.

luvmy4sons said...

Mine love to have hot cocoa and toast for breakfast. They also love to crush up graham crackers and pour milk over it. I love to make them hot meals for breakfast but they prefer simple cold cereal and milk. Their favorite treat is when I make cinnamon rolls. But no matter what fresh, raw fruit and 100% juice goes with every breakfast.

winstead family said...

it looks like you've got it covered! i actually printed this out to use at my house! :)

Jen said...

You are doing really good at our house hold we do...the same as you said and include breads...instead of the muffins or yogurt with granola in the summer time. omelets are always good....or we do a breakfast casserole and eat off of it for 2-3 days.Smoothies are really good too. Sausage Biscuits are the favorite here though...they all love them.

Marva said...

Hi! i am not sure how I arrived here, but I love your blog!

I do breakfast casseroles the night before and cook them the next am. I also make pancakes and waffles in large batches and freeze them. I add bananas, applesauce, peanut butter, oats and/or wheat germ to them.

We sometimes have bagels (whole wheat w/ eggs and or cream cheese.

Looks like you have a great list going on! Wonderful job!

Winging It said...

You have a fantastic menu already, Tiffany! Do they like cheese grits? I love to make that with Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. And lots of it! :)

I am working on my new blog, will give you a shout when I'm up and ready again!


Christy said...

We eat a lot of whole wheat English Muffins with egg, turkey sausage breakfast casserole, cold cereal, grits (with light butter), string cheese and peanut butter toast, chocolate chip banana muffins, pumpkin struedel muffins, and then on weekends we eat larger breakfasts like pancakes and turkey bacon.

I am really into healthy, low fat meals so it can be a struggle over here as well!!