Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Look Back At Christmas 2010 -Part 2

Our friends stayed with us the 20th-21st. On the 23rd, we went to Tupelo for Christmas with our extended family. Aunt Jean and Uncle Demming hosted everyone, prepared the food and even had Santa visit for the kids. It was our first time in a couple years to be able to come. That's one of the best parts about being home now:) Hugh had to work, but the kids and I went.All of our little ones!It's so nice for the kids to be able to be around all their cousins. Julie and little Maddy!
Jessica, Brenden, and their son Brody.

Hugh also had to work the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I held the children off from opening gifts by taking them to play out in the snow. Wasn't that such a treat to wake up to a white Christmas here in Mississippi of all places. That never happens. I felt like God was smiling down on us and gave us a special gift. Making snow angels
Trey wanted to have a snowball fight. :)
Trey got me with a snowball, and hit the camera in the process. That is why this picture is all fuzzy at the bottom. (hee-hee)
Daddy is home! Merry Christmas!

When Hugh got home he cooked us all breakfast and we opened presents together. The kids were so excited to show him the gifts that Santa had left them and that he had eaten our cookies. We give our children three small gifts in honor of the three wise men who gave gifts to Jesus, and they get one big gift from Santa. Of course, they also get gifts from their grandparents and other family members, as well as, friends.
On Sunday the 26th, our friends Mark and Datha Semrau and their family stopped by on their way back up to Ohio to stay a couple nights with us. They were visiting family down in Louisiana, so it worked out perfect for them to come and stay with us. We have missed them so much, the kids especially.
Datha and moi. Not my best picture, but, I don't care. I'm so glad I got to spend time with her Mark and Datha. We took them out to lunch in Oxford.
Forever Friends!

Hugh had to go back to work, but, he had New Years Eve off and that is when we got to spend Christmas with his dad, Ms. Nancy, both of his sisters and their families. This was a perfect ending to our holiday celebrating, because we got to "go home." Hugh's dad has lived out in the country all his life, as did his dad before him. They own a lot of land and built houses next to one another, with a great big pasture in between where they use to keep cows, but, now have horses. It is beautiful and peaceful there. We always enjoy going out to Paw-Paw and Nana's. It doesn't hurt that Nana is one of the best cooks e-vah either. She totally out did herself cooking up a storm this year. Most of my pictures came out fuzzy. :( But, here is one good one of all of the kids with Paw-Paw riding four wheelers.
. Well, our Christmas has come to an end. It was filled with lots of fun, family and friends, and lots of happiness. I hope yours was as well.

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Susan said...

LOved reading and seeing all this. Again, as in part 1, my favorite part is seeing all the children together!!