Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Featuring: children's author Sara Anderson and her work.

I happened upon these lovelies as I was browsing through Jr. Square Books today after our story hour. The first two are beginner board books that are great for very young children up through early childhood or early elementary first time readers. The rhyme and rhythm Anderson uses gives such a great flow to each of these. "Huckleberry-strawberry-watermelon-plum
apricot-mango Let's have some!"

As you can see, she also uses vibrant colors in her illustrations as well. Interestingly, Anderson was a well known artists for years before becoming a children's author. Her work has even been featured in The Museum of Modern Art in New York and other places across the globe. Her technique has always featured a dynamic colored-paper cutout feel of collage (—Review from the Seattle Weekly December 14, 2005.)

The last selection, Farmers Market would be a great selection for preschoolers and early elementary readers. The text is in rhyming quatrains, but, the illustrations are still what drives the book. It is just beautiful to look at. I love this because we visit our local farmers market every week, sometimes twice a week and know the people there by name. This is a wonderful set of books to introduce your children to colors, fruits and vegetables, and the people in your community who grow and raise them. You can also use them to support healthy habits and foster a budding awareness of our small business owners and community workers. Maybe it will lead you to start your own family garden. I love to follow up books with field trips or projects that give my children a chance to learn kinesthetically, as well as, audio and visually. It all builds on top of each other.

This is a little late since it is now Thursday, but, I will have this up for a couple days. Thank you to our gracious hostess, Sarah Denley. I am so glad she is hosting this weekly feature, because I'm a little obsessed with literature, especially children's literature. I hope some of you will join in this weekly feature as well. I love getting new ideas from other moms and teachers out there. ~Blessings!


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