Friday, August 20, 2010

I Was Wrong

This morning I just felt anxious. I woke up tired and couldn't seem to get myself going, and everything just seemed to get on my last nerve. My children were right up under me following me around demanding this and that. I seriously had to lock the bathroom door in order to go to the bathroom by myself. I tried to sit down and read my morning devotion and kept getting interrupted, and I was seriously about to get angry or cry one, when the Holy Spirit just impressed upon me to pray. Just pray kept running through my mind. I was trying to shuffle between making breakfast, answering the phone and checking my e-mail because I hadn't answered someone and they decided to call me to see if I had even gotten their e-mail. I saw a prayer request from another friend and decided I needed to just sit down and bow my head right there and pray. And immediately I felt better. All my anxiousness and irritability seemed to melt away. And I wasn't even praying for myself. I was praying for someone else, but the Lord took care of what I needed most at that moment as well. You know I pray everyday, but sometimes I just take for granted the fact that I need a gentle reminder that prayer really changes things, as cliche as that may sound. He is waiting for us to stop rushing around like a chicken with our head cut off, and just listen to what He has for us. I was all over the place and He was telling me to stop, take a deep breath and come to Him. It sounds almost too easy, and I think that's why we often rush right on by and keep going on our way. Sometimes we feel like we don't have time, or that's not going to help us, and how wrong we are. I can say it. I was wrong. Wrong in my attitude, and arong for not listening the first time. But, thak goodness He is so patient, and so merciful with us. Thank you Lord that for this morning and this day your grace is sufficient.


Sarah Denley said...

What a great reminder! We all need to hear that!

Susan said...

He loves us so!!!!