Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home to Heaven

Our sweet Grammy went home to be with the Lord last Wednesday night. She is one of the sweetest souls I've ever known, and she always made me feel like one of her own. Her last words to me were you be sweet. She always said that to me when we parted. She always hugged my neck, gave me three little pats on the back and kissed me on the cheek and said I love you, be sweet.

We knew the time was coming, and it wasn't that it was unexpected or anything, but death is always hard. We spent the weekend with family, and we shared alot of our best memories about Granny. Hugh and I and the kids stayed with his mom and so did Demetria, Kevin and their kids. We stayed up way too late sitting on Ms. Donna's bed talking. It was like old times, and I think it would have made Granny happy. It's strange how sometimes loss draws you all closer together, isn't it.

Demetria was kind enough to secure us a baby sitter for the visitation and funeral. Since it was so hot and many of Granny's friends would be in attendance, the visitation and funeral were held at the church with no grave side service. Our family did go out to the grave site in the early evening to spend a little quiet time and pay our respects. On the way, Trey said, "Grammy is up in heaven with Lord Jesus, isn't she?" Yes, my love she is. "Sometimes when you are sick or old you go up to heaven with Lord Jesus. That's where Grammy is. That's why her body looked like it was sleeping. She looked like an angel." I had actually kept Trey and Anna Grace in the vestibule until the baby sitter arrived and while the rest of the family went down to the front of the sanctuary. They did have to pass through the sanctuary on the very far left side to go back to the nursery. It's amazing to me that he internalized all of that by just a glance. He said he missed her, and I told him it was ok to miss her, because that just means we love her, and Lord Jesus understands that.

When we got to the grave site, everyone took a moment on their own. Ms. Donna and Demetria helped Anna Grace take a rose to press in her Bible to remember granny. Trey told Hugh he wanted to sing Grammy her favorite song (You Are My Sunshine) but, he was afraid she wouldn't hear him. Hugh assured him that Jesus would let granny hear him. So he stood there and sang very quietly, just as he had always done when he went to visit her. Such sweet moments.

We loved her so very much and we will miss her tremendously, but we have a peace knowing she is with her Lord and there is no more pain, no more suffering. She is at peace. Here are some of my favorite pictures of our Granny/Grammy.
A picture of Granny that Hugh took when he flew down home for his mom's graduation from nursing school.
I am three months pregnant here with Trey. Granny and Ms. Donna flew up to visit with us in Ohio. They also came for Hugh's white coating ceremony when we lived in Kansas City, but I can't seem to find a photo of that right now. We were at the airport here.
Granny holding her new great-grandson, Trey the morning after he was born.
This picture means so much to me now. The look on her face as she is holding Trey brings tears to my eyes. You can see how proud she is and how much she loved him right from the start.
Ms. Donna, Granny and my aunt Cathy with Trey. This was taken the day they were flying back to Mississippi.
Granny's first time to meet Anna Grace. They were both excited to see each other.
Sweet smooches from her Grammy.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took this three years ago at Thanksgiving. Granny with her three daughters, Barbara, Jean and Donna. They are all so beautiful. Granny had this picture up in her room at Graceland.

Love you Granny.

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Sandra said...

Such sweet memories you have of her and you are so right...death brings us closer to each other. I'm so thankful that you know where her eternal home is. That makes parting so much sweeter.