Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

This is Heidi's daughter and one of my little sweet hearts I teach every Monday night in Master's Club at church. This last week, we read the Parable of the Lily and made Easter Lilies out of the children's hand prints. This is the most precious picture!
On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Ann came to make Easter cookies with the kids. She is such a doll. She used her very own sugar cookie recipe, handed down from her grandmother. She was so good with the children.
Such a natural! She is going to be such a good little helper in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe cooking is in her future.
The girls -visiting while they decorate their cookies.
Sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle. Anna Grace thinks decorating is the best part.
Eggs, bunnies and chicks fresh out of the oven. Aren't they beautiful? I think they did such a great job for their first time. There were sprinkles and flour everywhere when we were done, but, they had a blast, and that's all that matters.
Easter Basket complete with chocolate candy and peeps! This is Trey's basket. He asked for Zurg from Toy Story, so that's from his daddy and I. He was also excited about his Lion King pez. The lamb to the left was Hugh's when he was a child.
Anna Grace's basket. She asked for a baby doll, but was very excited about her pink Zuzu pet and Hello Kitty pez. It was so sweet to see the smiles and surprise on their faces. :)
Hugh and I dyed eggs with Trey and Anna Grace for the very first time this year. And he wrote their names on one they each picked out.
Precious memories! I'm glad we had fun together as a family, even though I wasn't feeling my best. It was a wonderful Easter weekend.
Hunting for eggs. Trey asked his daddy if we were going to hunt eggs with a gun. I had to explain to him we were hunting as in searching for them, like hide and go seek. :D He decided that was ok, but, he can't wait to go to Mississippi and hunt a deer with his paw-paw and his daddy.

Baby girl found her a pink egg. Can you tell pink is her favorite color? She enjoyed hunting the Easter eggs so much she cried when we found them all. So, we hid them again, just for her. -Then we took them inside and Hugh peeled one for each of us, and we ate one for a snack. Trey loved them. Anna Grace, not so much.
This is Easter bread. It's a huge tradition here. Mrs. Ann brought us some. It tastes like fresh home made bread with a hint of peppermint.
Our neighbors! Ben, Mykayla, and Owen. I can't believe how much they've grown since we've moved here. O-man was 9 months old when Datha and I started working together and became friends. Wow, how times flies. We are enjoying some time with them this week since they are on Spring Break. My friend Datha and I at her son, Owen's birthday party. Thank you Lord for dear friends you have put in my life! And thank you Lord for a wonderful week with family and friends!

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