Monday, December 28, 2009

Who Knew?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday with their friends and family! We are still enjoying time with our family down here in Mississippi, and we're trying to decide on a house.

I don't know if it's just me, or if anyone else has had this experience, but, house hunting is just down right hard. It's exciting and stressful, wonderful and exasperating all at the same time. We have seen about 26 houses in 3 days and narrowed it down to 4. Then, we viewed just our top 4, one being my dream house. It was the one I had been stalking for almost a year and then it disappeared off of the radar, and I thought my heart was broken. It has everything, and I mean everything I could ever hope for or have dreamed about. This is my someday house. It's not a house we would start in and then build our dream house. It is our dream house! I would never move if we bought this house. But, that in itself is not a promise we can make with the career that Hugh has. In all likeliness, our first home will not be our last. Hugh and I initially decided to make an offer on this house, but haven't had a peace about it since. I know Hugh has especially been confused considering how much I wanted this home. I mean I was praying that Hugh would love it as much as I do, and that God would help me to let it go if not. So, when he said he wanted it to, and we could make a bid on it, I was so excited I cried. But, within an hour later, I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tried to chalk it up to exhaustion of the last 3 days and I even talked to Hugh some more to make sure he didn't feel like I talked him into it. And he assured me no, that that was not the case. He loves the house too, but, he just doesn't have a peace about it, and then I admitted that I felt the same way too. I told him I thought that we should pray about it, and not move forward too quickly. And as soon as we decided not to buy the house we both felt a peace about it. Over the last four days since, we have tried to decided between the other 3 houses, and even tried to talk ourselves into our dream house again. It works out on paper, and we wouldn't be stretching ourselves too thin. That's not he problem. The problem is we have asked the Lord for His help, and we feel like the Lord is trying to guide us away from it, even though we really want it. Uuuggg! This is so hard! The other 3 are great and we can see ourselves happy in all of them. But, we can also find things wrong with each one of them too. Why does this have to be so hard?

Hugh isn't going to have any more time off between now and the time we move here for us to come back and look at more houses. Our realtor said that the spring is always a great time for new houses to come on the market. But, we feel like we just can't look at 20 something more houses later. So, we are praying and we are taking Hugh's dad who had a construction company with his father, to look at two of them today, and see if he can give us any advice. He will be able to see things that we don't and I feel like his advice will help us in deciding to make an offer.

So, wish us luck! I'm so ready to have this settled and be able to plan and enjoy it all. And pray for us to make the decision God wants us to make. Blessings!


Susan said...

It is stressful, Tiffany, because it is such a big decision. I join you in praying for God's leadership and the peace that is needed to know you are in His will. Glad you're going to his dad for advise, too. That is always a Godly thing to do :o)

Christy said...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time! Where are you looking? We had similar problems deciding on a house when we moved and it was SO hard to make that final decision. We did wait when we felt that unsettled feeling and it ended up paying off in the long run. It will happen when God is ready :)

Sandra said...

So glad to hear from you Tiffany, I've missed you. I'll be praying for the Lord to lead you into the right home. There may have been something wrong with that house that you couldn't see or there may be someone in the neighborhood that God doesn't want you around. Go with the peace you and your husband have. It's good to take Hugh's dad along for advice too and your fortunate that he knows about construction. Have fun.

Christy said...


Oxford is only like 30 min from my house :) We can actually become real life friends instead of blog friends!

Tiffany said...

That would be nice Christy! We are going back again today to see 3 or 4 more houses! Our realtor wants us to meet a builder who she says can build us one of the houses we want in one of the other subdivisions we like. Hugh isn't sure they can do that in six months, but we are also going to look at a couple of others already done. So, maybe we will find it today!