Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Praise the Lord!!!!

Well, I did it! I prayed about it and talked to our pastor's wife about it and then I stood before our church and asked them for their prayers, support and help. And the Lord answers prayerspeople!!!!! I know because He answered mine! I am officially teaching our brand new pre-school class for Master's Club this year! YEAH!!!!

We needed two extra teachers, to add the new class. I asked the church Sunday before last to pray about support in this growing area of our ministry, and if the Lord might be leading them to step forward as a teacher for our little ones. We got the teachers, and extra helpers! I am going to have two helpers. And I'm going to need them both. Monday night was our welcome picnic and official kick off for the year, and I had the largest class! Fifteen little lovies between the ages of 2 and 4. I actually had nineteen Monday night, but we are going to let the five year olds go into the kindergarten/first grade class. I'm starting out with the largest class. And I'm so excited! God is so good. I'm also going to be doing the music for our children's ministry. We are singing our first song for our fireside service at the end of the month. Our song is "Yes Lord!"

Yes Lord, I will love you!
Yes Lord, I will follow!
Yes Lord, I will be your child! (2X)

JESUS YOU got me jumping up and down!
JESUS YOU got me spinning round and round!
JESUS YOU got me bowing to the ground, bowing to the ground!

Yes Lord, I will love you!
Yes Lord, I will follow!
Yes Lord, I will be your child!

(Repeat twice...)
I will be -I will be your child!

Mind you I have two year olds up through fifth graders. And we only have one more meeting before the service. But, this is a fun song, and I think they will do very well with it. And they're just so cute doing the motions. It makes my heart swell.
I pray that by adding this new class, it will bring new families into the church. I hope you will pray with me too! Thank you! Blessings and Love!:)


Sandra said...

I'm so excited for you. I'ts so exciting when the Lord leads you into a ministry.

Children are so impressionable and when they learn about Jesus while they are small, it will carry them through their lifetime.

They will learn about Him through you by watching you, and imitating you.

That's a big responsibility and He chose you to carry it out. Now how awesome is that!!!

Susan said...

When it's truly God the doors swing right open.....and it is and they are!!!!! Praise God. Wish I could see the kids do the song :o) I can picture them in my mind.