Monday, July 13, 2009

Growing So Fast...

Oh my little ones....It is so wonderful to see them growing and changing every day. But, it is so bitter sweet at the same time. I don't know why, this last month has been a little harder for me. There are just moments that have made me beam with pride and joy, and yet they're followed by a little pang of sadness, because they are growing so fast and they're getting farther and farther away from being babies.

Now, I'm not the kind of mom who is ready to jump on the baby band wagon again, just because I'm having those maternal urges and pangs. I think that would be selfish. Not to say that I wouldn't welcome and embrace any child the Lord desires to give us. But, I have two beautiful children that need my focus and attention, and the best of me. That's what they deserve.But, I can't deny I'm missing the baby stage, that beautiful baby smell, the fat chubby little baby rolls on their arms and legs, and nuzzling their sweet peach fuzzy heads. OK, enough of that...

Just the other night, we took the kids out to dinner, and it was smooth sailing. No wiggle worms, or getting up from their seats. They both ate well, on their own without help, and even had ice cream for dessert. There was no whining, complaining, spills, or accidents. It was a very enjoyable dinner together. It's like we hit this huge milestone with the kids. But, it also made me sad, because I looked at them and they're just getting so big. And they seem to need you a little less everyday. ((sniff))

The other night, when Hugh got off of work, he was sitting on the couch hugging on the kids and he turned to ask me if I had happened to pick up any diet pepsi, from the store. It's his favorite drink and we were out. Well, I thought we were out....Next thing we know Anna Grace opened up the frig, and brought her daddy the last bottle of diet pepsi. She brought it to him and said, "Here daddy." I couldn't help but tear up. She is so sweet and considerate already. And does she ever love her daddy. I think she wraps him a tighter everyday.

Oh my but can she be sassy. I know she gets it from me. Yesterday we took them to Fellowship Gardens armed with cameras. We let them take their own pictures of any plants or flowers they wanted. And of course they wanted to take pictures of us taking pictures of them. hee-hee. Well, on the way home, Trey kept rolling his window down, and it bothered her that she couldn't figure out how to do it on her side. She kept fretting about it and I said, "It's OK sweetie. You're Ok. You don't need it down." Well, that was just not going to work. She announced in a rather sassy little voice, "No, I am not Ok, I want my window down." Down Momma, down!" I looked at Hugh, and said, "No she did not just talk to me that way." And he was like, I think she did." So momma had to break out the Big Eyes, and her low firm voice. I said, "Oh no mam. I don't think so." Then she breaks out her sweet soft little "Please Momma" voice. Hugh laughed, and said Ok now she pulling out all the stops and using her manners. Yes, she already knows how manipulate me. It's so sad, because I can't help but give in. But, later she got into trouble again, because she has gotten in to this habbit of un buckling her seat belt while we are driving. Well Hugh was telling her to sit down, as he was trying to find a place to pull over, and she was just not listening. So, when we did pull over I had to tap her legs and give her a stern talking to, about how we are trying to keep her and brother safe. That's why we wear seat belts and we do not take them off while we are riding in the car. Well, she teared up and said, "Momma, hold you." She reached out and wrapped her little arms around my neck and said, "I wanna hold you." I gave her hugs and kisses and told her that I love her, but, she has to listen to mommy. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to keep her safe.

So, we are entering into new territory. We are not babies any more. No, we are toddlers with oppinions and sometimes attitudes. We are offically ready to be a big boy and girl. Sniff-sniff! No really, I know this is a good thing. It's just hard people, hard!


Ashley said...

Oh I know my time is coming....

What a sweet post!

Denise said...

Such a precious post.

Kimberly said...

Hi, Tiffany!
Thanks so much for your comment. :) Thanks for all of the encouraging comments that you have always blessed me with!

You have such a beautiful heart for your children. They are BLESSED to have such a loving momma!!!

And I know for sure that my sassiest of my three gets her sassy straight from me!
K :)

CrazyCarellis said...

Oh, it's hard being a loving mom! It's wonderful and excruciating watching kids grow up. No part of you would actually want to stop them from growing; they continually change into more fascinating, fun and companionable people. Still, that doesn't mean that we don't somewhat mourn the "loss" of the previous stages.

We're hoping that God will bless us next year with another child. We'll just have to wait and see.