Saturday, June 13, 2009

Highlights from our Trip to Denver -Part 2

I am a picture person, as you can probably tell by now. There were just so many pictures from our trip, it's hard to pick just a few to share. So, here is part two.

On the second day of our trip my aunt Karen and uncle Dave took off of work to take us up to the mountains. The kids wanted to stay behind and play with their cousins, Ian and Layla, again. My aunt Rose, whom we were staying with, keeps her grand children during the day. She bought a little pirate ship pool for them to swim and play in, in her front yard. And she took them all to the park later that day. Needless to say, they had a blast, and didn't even know we were gone.

Hugh took some of the most extraordinary pictures of the scenery. Isn't it crazy that when we left the kids were swimming and then we drive a little ways and suddenly it's snowing. It was such a beautiful day. Here is a picture of my aunt Karen, myself and my aunt Linda below. Me and my aunt Karen.

We got to see sheep, mountain goats and marmots (which are like little groundhogs.)That evening we took the kids to the Aquarium. Two of my cousins work there, so they got us in free. My aunt Linda and her kids came too.
This is my little cousin Samantha. She was my flower girl in my wedding. She's such a sweetheart. This was a part of the aquarium where the kids could "pan for gold and gems,"
This reminded me of the Grand Canyon. It shows you how the river comes rushing through the canyon rocks. I think this section was reminiscent of the old west and how this area of the country began.Anna Grace and her aunt Rosie.Trey is petting a Sting Ray. They were very slippery and soft. You could feed them too.
I can't believe I actually forgot my camera for my grandma's birthday party, but it was beautiful. And she had a wonderful time. She was so surprised, she cried. I think it really touched her heart. They had a tent set up with food, cake, presents and a sound system. My uncle Frank read a poem, he wrote especially for the occasion. And Trey sang You are my sunshine to her. Sooo sweet. I got to sing to her as well. Afterward, we went with my cousin David to stay a couple days with him and his family.
I love to hear David play. He plays the guitar, and native American drums and flute. He played a blessing for our wedding the night before at our rehearsal dinner. Below is his son, Brandon "Black Elk." Although we are primarily from Hopi and Navajo decent, David and Dawn were able to adopt Brandon from the Laykota reservation.
While David and his family were off to a wedding, we met the rest of the family for a last little get together down at a park. We cooked out, visited and played volleyball, and then we got rained out. But, it was fun while it lasted.

Grandma and Betty (above) Me and my aunt Sherry (below)Alexis and Samantha, two of my younger cousins. Such beautiful young ladies.

Poor Anna Grace, we wore her out. This picture is priceless. I can't believe she actually fell asleep standing up. And she still looks like a precious little angel. Well, I'm sure you're worn out as well, looking at all our pictures. But, I hope you enjoyed seeing our vacation. It was wonderful to see all of our family. Blessings!!

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