Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thinking in 3's

Happy Holidays! And Good morning! Christmas is almost here!

I haven't had the chance to get around to visiting everyone, but I hope y'all are having a wonderful holiday. I have come across a few of you with great ideas for the Advent holiday. 1. Brittani at Holding Little Hands had a great post on how her family is incorporating the" Jesse Tree "into their holiday celebration. A couple of posts below, I mentioned how some families use the Jesse Tree in place of an Advent calendar. I love Brittani's idea of making ornaments with her son that correlate with the scriptures.
Also, 2. June at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home had two wonderful posts, "It's Here!" and "The Perfect Christmas Gift." Her post on "It's Here," has three different links to other posts, where she shares some of her families Christmas traditions. It is very inspiring.
3. And my bloggy friend, Jana at Mustard Seeds has a series of posts on Advent, as well as, on the 3 gifts, "Gold," "Frankincense," and "Myrrh" that the Wise Men gave to the baby Jesus. These are all posts that have blessed my heart and helped to inspire me to keep my focus this Christmas season. They are well worth the read, and I highly recommend them. This also started me thinking about things in 3s.

I feel like the Lord has given me so much. Little things lately that I know could only be from Him. 1.First of all, I have been so touched by the children I've been teaching every week in our church's Master's Club. To see them grow in the Lord, reciting scriptures... And, the questions they ask. The very best part is hearing their sweet little prayers. It has brought me to tears several times. I have grown, watching them grow. They in turn have taught me, and made me question my faithfulness. Not my faith, but my faithfulness to my Lord. They've made me hungry for more. It has led me in turn to seek more after Him. And I am grateful for that.
2. You know how there is always that one person in your life (some how through work, church or so on,) that always tries to get the best of you. No matter how nice you are, or how hard you try, they always think they need to bring you down a peg. You know, put you in your place. I know we all have at least one~somewhere in our lives. Well this week, mine decided to give me a compliment- a real one. You know when the sincerity is there. And it really meant a lot to me. It was like Wow, God-Thanks! I know that could only happen with your help.
3. I think that my goal for this year was to just grow closer to God. Not to accomplish some great spiritual feat, but just love Him more and know Him better. And you know what, that in itself has brought about all kinds of changes in me. Most of which, may not even be noticeable to others around me. But, I know. The biggest change has been in my attitude and perspective on things. I've been more content, and peaceful. A little more flexible, patient, and kind. And I thank God for that gift.

There is so much on my mind, so I also have three prayer requests to ask of you, my bloggy friends. I believe in the power of prayer.
1. My beautiful, wonderful sister, Mary Clair is recovering from surgery. I am praying for her to get the rest she needs, and for a quick recovery.
2. My mother-in-law, Donna also needs prayer. We flew back here to Ohio on Saturday. On Sunday night, when we got home from our church's CHRISTmas tribute concert, we received a phone call that she had been in a head on collision. She has been in the hospital the last few days with Demetria (my other sister,) right by her side. She is badly bruised and beaten up from the accident, with both cardiac and pulmonary contusions, but thankfully no broken bones or internal injuries. Her car is completely gone, and she is going to be out of work for a while. She had just applied for short term disability insurance before the holidays, but that won't take effect until after the new year. I'm praying for the Lord's provisions for her in this area specifically. I know He has ways beyond our knowing and only He can make something good from nothing. She is a widow, and she takes care of her mother, who is in a nursing home, when she is not working herself as an RN. She is a kindhearted, good Christian woman. And she needs a break. We are also praying for the safety and recovery for the lady who was in the other car as well. Ms. Donna is going to be staying with Demetria for a while, as she recovers, bless her heart. So, Demetria needs prayers as well, for God's strength, patience and extra compassion as she cares for her mom and her own family of four.
3. My childhood friend Emily. Her husband, Michael, was killed last week, in a horrible auto accident on I-20 back home in Brandon, Mississippi. Emily, who is a strong, Christian woman is just lost and broken hearted right now. She has lost her husband and best friend. They have three young children; Elizabeth-13, Benjamin-7, and Gracie-5. Emily is an RN, who works 12 hour shifts, and her son is a special needs child. Michael was always the one to get the children off to school and help keep Benjamin in the structured schedule he needed to function comfortably. So, even though Emily has a good job that can provide for them, she isn't sure how she is going to make it work. I know how hard it is to function and make important decisions when you are in the midst of a cloud of grief. Please, please pray for her heart to be comforted. Pray that she will know how to help comfort her children as well. And that the Lord will make clear her path. GOD BLESS THEM! My heart just breaks for them. When I got the news early last Thursday, I crawled back in bed and hugged my husband and just cried for her, thanking God for every moment I have with my precious family. There are no words. This is a hurt only God can heal. But, we can pray. So, please remember them, all in your prayers!
Thanks for your visit and spending a little time with me. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, and the Merriest of Christmases! ~Blessings to all!


Penless Thoughts said...

Merry Christmas Tiffany to you and yours. I will certainly pray for your requests. It is only our Christ, who's birth we are celebrating who can mend these and heal them.

Janna Widdifield said...

I'll be bringing these requests before the Throne of Grace for you, friend!

CrazyCarellis said...

I'm so sorry to hear about these hurts and losses among those you love.

I will pray for them.

Ashley said...

We'll be praying!!

Christy said...

I will be praying for your sweet friends. I can't imagine.

Demetria is such an awesome, sweet person-I am so glad that she still has her mom! She amazes me with that spunky wit of hers and her attitude.

Anonymous said...

i'm catching up on your previous posts, my sister, and wanted to thank you for posting these requests. how thoughtful and kind you are!! i'll also be praying for emilie.

awwww. . . thanks christy!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

My heart breaks reading about your friend Emily. I'll pray for her and children. I just heard a speaker on Christian TV yesterday say sometimes we're left holding one piece of the puzzle and can't figure out how it fits, but God sees the whole puzzle. I know your friend like all of us is wondering why God has done this.
I linked over from Susan's blog and wanted to say hello.
God Bless,