Thursday, August 7, 2008

Laughs and Random Thoughts

I have neglected my blog and my faithful few bloggy friends, who stop in regularly for a visit. (How very un-hospitable of me.) For that I am truly sorry. I've been awful busy in my own little domesticated corner of the world. My blog is my fun outlet, but from time to time, I will have to excuse myself to make sure that I am giving the time and attention my family needs- first and foremost. (I'm trying to improve in this area, because I can be kinda selfish when it comes to blogging. And, I really don't want to be that way.)

My lovies and I have been burning up the roads lately. I think we have visited every zoo, park, lake, farm, outdoor concert and festival in the tri-county area. Not really, but it sure feels like it. I tend to lean a little toward the Montessori view of education/child development, which supports the theory that... before the age of six, a child learns from direct contact with the environment, by means of all the senses, and through movement; the child literally absorbs what is in the environment. Experiences foster self-respect, respect and care from the child toward the environment, and the development of an appreciation of beauty. It is the role of the adult to prepare, and continue to prepare, the environment, to link the child to it through well-thought-out introductions to books and materials, projects, and lessons, which nurture the child's exploration and creativity. That's the easiest way to explain it in a nutshell. My little loves don't even realize their former pre-school teacher/mommy is trying to teach them something everyday. They are simply caught up in the excitement of the experience and I love that! I'll have to post some pictures of our latest adventures.

A couple days ago, my friend Dawn and I took our children to Pymatuning Deer Park for the day. It was quite an experience. We all had fun and I definitely had a few candid camera moments. We were in the petting zoo/kiddie area of the park, feeding and playing with the animals, up close and personal. Well, one of the camels decided to get a little too up close and personal with Trey while he was feeding him. The camel started nibbling on Treys shoulder, and Trey started to panic a little. As you can imagine, the "Momma Bear" in me really came out. I started smacking the camel right in the face (well, on top of his snout) and yelling at it to "get off of my son." Yes, I drew quite the crowd of on-lookers, who were laughing hysterically. I felt bad about the scene I'd made and apologized to the poor creature, who tried to give me a great big wet kiss, as I petted him. I thought Dawn was going fall down on the ground she was laughing so hard. Then on the way home, I had a very close encounter with a turkey. Let's just say, I almost brought home dinner, strapped to the grill of my truck. I have had to watch out for a very brave deer or two in my time, but never a turkey. That was a new one for me.

Lately, I am loving the early morning chadder of birds, katydids, crickets, frogs and other backyard friends we've seem to have acquired. There is something so serene about starting the day off with a big cup of coffee and all the windows open. You can smell/feel the crispness of the cool morning air. It makes me feel closer to God, and my mom and dad. My parents were always early morning risers, and doing little things that they used to do helps me to remember them in a sentimental way and feel a little closer to them.

I am enjoying domestication, which is weird because three or four years ago I was much more career oriented and didn't think I was "the type." I'm ashamed to say that I thought being a stay at home wife/mother sounded boring. Wow, how God can change your mind about things. And your direction. I really don't think I've ever been happier or more at peace in my life. It's a nice feeling.

I love my blog's new look, via the cutest blog on the block. How 'bout you? The best's free! So go get you one. And, you can change it anytime you want! Thanks for the tip, D! What can I say, "You're fabulous!" Oh, I also added a little poem I wrote to the top right corner. I tried to add it in the "header box," as a description of my blog, but it wouldn't let me. Something about errors in my html that can only have up to 500 characters. I don't think my poem is that long. If anyone knows the secret out there, please fill me in.

I have a few posts in the works. Part two of Thrifty Momma with lots of links and helpful hints, another post honoring the friendships in my life that I hold dear, and the second part of my testimony. I haven't felt a total peace about this yet, so I'll have to pray over it a little more. I'm kinda feeling a little exposed and I'm trying not to let that hold me back, if it's for God's glory. But, I don't want it to turn into something else that isn't helpful in some way to someone struggling, and isn't totally about sharing what God has done in my life. Anything less would be all in vain. Does that make sense?

I need a play list. This is yet another feature which alludes me. i signed up for an account, but when I tried to start adding songs, zip, nada, nothing. It just won't show up. So, any advice?

Enough of my ramblings. I off to spend the day with my family. Toodles!


Denise said...

Hello sweetie, nice to hear from you. Glad you are happy, and enjoying family time. I love your new blog look. Take care, you are loved my friend.

Marsha said...

Love the new look, Tiffany! Reminds me of a mix of French toile and argyle! Very nice.

I agree totally with your education philosphy. Those first 6 years are crucial.

I'll be praying about part 2 of your testimony - that you will know when it's time and that what is said will bring Him glory.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Kimberly said...

Too cute! Very sassy! :)

And I love the poem, too!

I am glad you are having such a great summer with your kids! And I just LOVE the sounds and smells of God's creation in the morning coupled with a cup of coffee! One of my favorite things!

Blessings, Tiffany! Looking forward to what God leads you to post about. :)

luvmy4sons said...

Love the new look. Life is more important than blogging. Glad you are having a good summer. It sounds lovely.

CrazyCarellis said...

Your new background is adorable. Very cute!

By the way, the camel story is hilarious!

Marsha said...

I'm enjoying your play list! Great choices.