Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloggy Give Away!

It's time again for my monthly Taste of Gourmet bloggy give away! Our product of the month for March is Sweet Potato Muffins. "What is the product of the month?" It is a fund raising project Taste of Gourmet started to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, TN. The Hospital is devoted to research and treatment toward eliminating chronic childhood diseases like leukemia and is the only childhood cancer research center designated by the National Cancer Institute.
The Sweet Potato Muffins with Crunchy Sugar Topping are my personal favorite Taste of Gourmet product! The muffins are moist and delicious - perfect for breakfast or for dinner! They are a great healthy snack for kids too! My daughter Anna Grace loves them.
If you would like a chance to win this delicious give away- leave me a comment and tell me about your family's favorite snack and/or meal. What is a staple that must be on hand at all times for your family? The winner will be chosen on Sunday! Good luck to everyone and invite your friends to join in the fun. Everyone is welcome! Blessings on your day!


Denise said...

Hello beautiful one, my hubby and I cannot go without blueberry muffins, yummy in our tummy.

Marsha said...

Favorite snack is popcorn. And a staple that must be on hand at all times is bacon and eggs. We have breakfast for dinner once a week and again on Saturday mornings I fix a big breakfast. Hubby LOVES breakfast for dinner.

freetofly said...

Gee, this shouldn't be with my choc syrup & cream, Breyers Reeces ice cream for my youngest son, bacon and eggs for my husband's breakfast. Sweet Ice Tea for my youngest, and OJ for my honey.

Thanks, Tiff!

Christy said...

I love giveaways!!!

My favorite snack is 100 cal Kettle Corn, pretzels, or if I am being really bad ICE CREAM.

A staple we must have on hand is turkey bacon and eggs because like Marsha that is what we eat for breakfast and we also have breakfast suppers at least once a week. Also, we keep spinach, shrimp and feta on hands at all times for a quick pizza.

My kids like string cheese, spaghetti, ranch dressing and veggies, and chocolate pudding :)

Ingram Gang said...

Our fav. is Cherios with honey on top and milk. My son eats this for breakfast most days, but he loves it for dinner too if need be. Nice and healthy and he adores it just because of the bit of honey on top!

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm probably too late, because it's already Sunday :o(