Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Home

We finally made it to Mississippi. I have longed for the day to come when we would return home. I've missed the south, and my beloved Mississippi. It's not just about the people, family and friends that mean so much. I really feel connected to this place, and to the land. The dusty dirt roads, the delta flat lands, the heat and humidity, kudzu, cotton, the bayou, how I have missed you.

I am very much a "bloom where you're planted" kinda girl. I have thoroughly enjoyed each place I have had the opportunity to live. I can find wonderful points about each one of them. I loved living in Kansas City. By the end of my first year there I knew the city inside and out. I loved the shopping, the night life, and all the culture and arts available at every turn. I had a great job. I was still a newly wed. Life was good. Ohio was not a place I thought I'd fall in love with, but, I did. Our family grew there from two to four. Memories were made. Moments I'll always treasure. And the seasons are beautiful there. And life, at least where we were living still has somewhat of an old fashioned feel to it. We flew kites and picniced in the park. Corn hole is still a very popular game at birthday parties and cookouts. Every Tuesday, you can find a group of elder gentlemen and ladies playing Boccie ball in Howland Corners near the gazebo. And in fall, you can find a festival every weekend featuring homemade goodies like apple butter, family hayrides, and corn mazes. I feel like I've made the best of every opportunity I could find that each place had to offer. And yet my heart still longed for home. The place I'm from. The place I belong. -I belong to it and it belongs to me. Have you ever felt that way about a place. No matter where you go, it always draws you back to itself. That's how I feel about the south.

It has been a long journey down to Mississippi. A very long and draining three weeks. There have been many bumps in the road getting settled, but, all that for another day. Right now, I just want to enjoy being back and linger in the moment for a while.

Goodnight my sweet friends. Thank you for staying with me and praying me through all the while I've been packing, moving and traveling down here. I miss you and love you and we'll talk soon. ~Blessings!


Ashley said...

That's exactly how I feel about southeast Missouri and my hometown.. it's so great to be home!

Susan said...

Eager for pictures. Every word you wrote here about Mississippi I was thinking about our longing and pull toward Heaven and knowing that Heaven is calling us and pulling us!!!