Monday, July 21, 2008

Attention Mommies and Mommies to be!!!

I have to give my sweet friend Heidi an official plug here. You may have noticed that I added a link to her website, QT Pie Products on my blog roll sidebar. Heidi is a wonderful stay at home mom, who just happens to be incredibly talented at sewing. And she uses her creative talent to help support her family and afford to stay at home with her two (soon to be three,)children. She, Keira, and Kyle are also apart of our playgroup. She was kind enough to give Anna Grace and I a "mommy wrap," which we've been using all summer long on our outings. We have been strawberry picking in Amish country, to outdoor concerts, the Trumbull County Fair, to the zoo, the Wagon Trails, Fellows Riverside Gardens, picnicking, you name it. This wrap is amazing! I love having it as an alternative to my double stroller. And it makes me feel close to Anna Grace having her all bundled up, snug next to me. It's fabulous! I'm declaring that every mommy must have one. Here are some of the benefits Heidi gives for the mommy wrap:

*Satisfies baby's physical needs for closeness, touch, security, stimulation, *movement and affection
*all of the above promotes optimal brain development
*Carried babies cry less
*Promotes and strengthens parents' emotional bond with baby
*Stimulates neurological development
*Holding helps regulate their temperatures and heart rate
*Baby feels more secure
*Baby wearing facilitates easy outings and travel
*Newborn babies with colic, gas, or acid reflux prefer being carried in an upright position versus a position like the cradle hold. My Keira has Acid Reflux and I would wear her after every feeding. This did wonders for her tummy!! I don't know what I would have done without my wrap!!!

"Kangaroo Care" is skin to skin baby wearing. The baby and the baby wearer's skin is in contact for 2-3 hours a day. This has been found useful in promoting growth in low birth weigh babies.
Try having Dad or Grandpa Wear baby walking and humming. The vibration of the mans Adam's apple can be soothing to an upset baby.

Heidi offers different colors and styles of fabric. You may notice in the picture above that each of us are not only sporting a different carrying style, but our wraps reflect our own individual style and taste, as well. So, stop in and check her site out. And be Blessed!


freetofly said...

How innovative! I am not close with anyone pregnant right now, but I know several who are just around the corner from expecting. I will certainly check out her site. Thanks! I love to give unique gifts (that people will find useful!).


Denise said...

I will pass this along sweetie.

QT PIE MOM 2 said...

Hey Tiff, Thank you for the wonderful post about my site and product on your blog!!! If anyone decides to purchase one of our products from your referral they can use this link or coupon code SS10DIS to receive a 10% Discount on a $20 or more order!!!

Thanks Again,

Marsha said...

My daughter in Africa uses something similar in Kenya - I believe it's called a shooka.