Monday, February 4, 2008

February 2, 2008

This weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday! It was by far the best birthday I have ever had! I had fully intended to let it quietly pass by- no bells or whistles. My sweet husband, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind. He re-arranged his schedule, with another resident, to be off for the entire weekend. He took care of everything, and whisked me away for the weekend! My sweet friend, Datha took care of Trey and Anna Grace Friday evening, and most of Saturday, as her birthday present to me! We went to Canfield, where Hugh arranged a romantic evening in a beautiful suite, complete with a fireplace and jacuzzi spa! What a luxurious, relaxing surprise! I felt like a pampered princess! Oh, but wait, it gets better! He took me out to the most wonderful dinner at a new place called Harry & Jean's (Passionate American Food). Ya'll, this place is unbelievably, fabulous! They offer an eclectic, American menu with an upscale flair! -And live jazz! I felt transported back to that 1930's/ 1940's era of Crosby, Martin, and ole blue eyes (Sinatra!) There was mood lighting, music, champaign and lots of hand holding across the table. Hugh had the band play The Way You Look Tonight, just for me! And he toasted us to another 31 years, no make those 62 years of love and marriage together! He then asked me if I could imagine being 93 and still putting up with him! Well, absolutely!!! I told him I'll be a spry 93, and still madly in love with him! After dinner, we went back to our room, where we enjoyed a quiet evening together. I woke up around 6:00am, and Hugh started a fire for us in the fireplace. We snuggled back in, there in the dark quiet room and fell fast asleep until a little after 10:00! I haven't slept that well in over two years! When we got up, Hugh made me coffee, and even ironed my clothes while I enjoyed slowly getting ready! I'm telling you, it was so sweet and lovely- I could have stayed forever! (Aside from the fact, that I missed our two little ones- it was like a dream come true!) We went back to Harry & Jean's for lunch. Yes, it is that fabulous! And when I found out they served sweet tea, I mean "real" southern sweet tea, I all but teared up. What am I saying, I did tear up! Could it get any better?! -Needless to say, Harry& Jean's is our special place now! I love my husband! I am so blessed! It's been so difficult lately, and truth be told I almost didn't celebrate my birthday, because I felt guilty, about trying to be happy about a birthday so close in relation to the memory of my mom's passing. But, Hugh made me forget all about it! I was so touched by this romantic gesture, mostly due to the fact that we've never been anywhere alone, or away together in all our "almost" seven years of marriage. Hugh is very adamant on not living beyond our means, and not living on credit cards! We had no debt to speak of, when we married and started medical school. He is very conscious of budgeting and providing for us. Especially now that he is allowing me to stay at home with our babies! Another beautiful blessing! Aaaa, but I digress... I say all this to count my many blessings! I don't think I've ever had a sweeter birthday. -I know I haven't! (Smiles!) Blessings to all!


Anonymous said...

I"m sooooooo glad that you and hugh had such a great time together!! I'm proud of my little (i mean big) brother for doing such a GREAT job!!! Happy birthday, sweetie!

kmom3 said...

Oh, how wonderful! God is just so good! I am so glad your husband poured out so much love on you this weekend! We all need to feel like a princess from time to time!
:) Kimberly

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful one. Girl, you're so blessed to have snapped that man up...he's a keeper! I'm glad you were able to have time alone & be pampered.

That restaurant sounds like it's to die for. The music alone would've sold me!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

freetofly said...

Shhh!....I am day dreaming of my own such trip!

WOW! I am so thrilled for you! What a wonderful, wonderful time! You have a good, good man, Tiff! You two make a beautifuly sweet couple!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Tiffany! Happiest, Happiest!

Christy said...

HOw fun!!!

You are so pretty and ya'll are a CUTE couple.

Happy Birthday :)

Tiffany said...

You are too kind girl!! Thank you! I happen to think you are quite beautiful yourself!

Marsha said...

This man is a keeper, Tiff!! WOW!!
So romantic.
And I'm SUPER impressed about your no credit card, no debt way of life. You go girl! It is the most God honoring way to go.

BP said...

Happy belated birthday to you! I enjoyed reading about your special weekend. I found you from Marsha's site. I'm also a stay-at- home Mom, I taught school three years before our son was born. God bless!